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Feed My Starving Children 2017

This past weekend our company successfully helped co-sponsor and staff the Feed My Starving Children Mobile Pack.  A Christian non-profit founded in 1987, Feed My Starving Children equips people to turn hunger into hope with their own two hands. Volunteers pack MannaPack meals, scientifically developed to reverse and prevent malnutrition. Then we donate the food to selected missions and humanitarian agencies worldwide, who use it to supply orphanages, schools, health care facilities, community feeding programs, and other institutions intervening in severe poverty.


Rescued from hunger and its risks – including stunted development, ill health, slavery and even an early death – children can develop healthy bodies and minds. They can go to school, earn a living, and bring prosperity to their families, communities, and nations.


Hunger becomes hope. And it starts with food.


Feed My Starving Children relies solely on a network of generous volunteers to pack every meal by hand. Whether at a permanent site or at a MobilePack event, each volunteer leaves the two-hour packing session more aware of their own good fortune and filled with inspiration that can only come from doing God’s life-saving work. In the fiscal year 2016/2017 more than one million FMSC volunteers will pack over 280 million meals that will be distributed to 70 countries around the globe.


Here’s a video illustrating the direct impact of feeding kids.


2017 event numbers…

4803 volunteers packed 1,360,800 meals and raised $299,376 to do it.


Sauber’s numbers:

79 Employee volunteers and their family members packed 22,382 meals and contributed $1302.

The company matched those $1302 donations + $11,220.

The company with its employees paid for 62,836 meals.

Since 2010, we’ve packed enough meals for kids to fill Soldier Field to capacity over 5X.

Rapid Overhead Deployment Trailer Inaugurated

First introduced at the 2017 ICUEE show, our new Rapid Overhead Deployment Trailer has generated a great deal of interest.  Currently in field testing, we will be updating our customers via the link below on a regular basis as we move this product forward.


Highlights of what this unit can do for you are:


  • Significant Reduction of (CAIDI) Customer Average Interruption Duration Index
  • Smaller Crew Size Required for Initial Restore Operation
  • Faster Pole vs. Vehicle Clean Up Time = Open Roadways
  • Less Costly Equipment Required for RIP (Replace In Place) Poles.
  • Traditional Multi-Step Pole Replacement Process Involving Utility Location Services, Site Prep, Material Gathering, Crew Assembly, etc. can now be Scheduled vs. Emergency Crew Deployment / Increased Downtime
Click here for a more in-depth look.

New Bolt-On Swivel D-Ring Introduced

We are pleased to announce that, as a running change, we’ll be converting customer drawings and product to our new bolt-on swivel d-ring. This is the only d-ring that has both the benefit of being replaceable and easily added or relocated without welding. In fact the integrity of the d-ring doesn’t rely on welding at all because there isn’t any. The ring is supported by our C95700 aluminum bronze backer casting which provides precision machined, rust free, 90,000 PSI tensile strength with 20% elongation, which makes it an exceptionally tough solution. Both the d-ring itself and the attachment bracket are hot-dipped galvanized and the assembly is rated at a 9120# working load limit.

This d-ring also allows for an unobstructed deck and works particularly well with wider equipment that can sometimes wind up parked over a d-ring opening.  All other d-rings are still available, but we know customers will appreciate this innovation and its advantages.

Honoring our founder, Chuck Sauber

“We are products of our former selves.” This simple statement is powerful. It compels self- introspection and it integrates the uniqueness of an individual across an entire life.

Our founder, Charles Sauber, was a product of his former self. He was joyful, proud, persistent, and often brilliant. He taught us that there is no substitute for good, hard work, so that is what we do. We understand that doing things right, right now, will make us better in the future. We recognize that we are defined by those that came before us: raising families, building barns, pursuing ideas, pounding pavement, welding steel, raising buildings, all working together, across generations of time.

Therefore we honor our past and acknowledge our beginning: Founder’s Day will be a new, annual company paid holiday for our employees, falling on the 3rd Friday of January, the anniversary of our date of incorporation. Employees are encouraged to take this day to reflect on what this past means to them, and how they can honor it through their work. Every day we work together, we are defining what our Company is to become.

2016 Feed My Starving Children – Update

An appropriate run-up to Thanksgiving again found us co-sponsoring and helping staff the Feed My Starving Children Mobile Pack.  Feed My Starving Children is a non-profit Christian organization committed to feeding God’s children hungry in body and spirit. The approach is simple: children and adults hand-pack meals specifically formulated for malnourished children, and we ship these meals to nearly 70 countries around the world. 


2015 2016 Lifetime of Event
Meals Packed 1,029,240 1,252,936 6,360,768
# of Kids Fed For 1 Year 2,820 3,433 17,427
# of Volunteers 4,658 5,019 26,607
Cost of Meals Packed $226,433 $275,000 $1,500,000




To all of our customers… with gratitude.

“When we become more fully aware that our success is due in large measure to the loyalty, helpfulness, and encouragement we have received from others, our desire grows to pass on similar gifts.  Gratitude spurs us on to prove ourselves worthy of what others have done for us.  The spirit of gratitude is a powerful energizer.”

— Wilferd A. Peterson

From all of our team members at Sauber Mfg Co, Happy Thanksgiving.

With grateful appreciation, we bid farewell to our founder …

The company announces the passing of Charles “Chuck” Sauber Sr., age 96, who claimed the promise of his Savior on Tuesday, September 13, 2016.  He was born on April 16, 1920. Chuck or Charlie, depending on what name he went by at the time, grew up in Virgil, IL. He entered the working world at age fifteen, and drove a horse-drawn mower that mowed the grass along the highway. Following graduation, Chuck worked at DuPage Boiler Works where he worked on the line and wore through a pair Sears Sturdy Oak work gloves every single day. Chuck always had an eye on advancement and if there was an opportunity to further his career, he jumped at the chance. The number of jobs he held during those early years could fill several pages. Chuck was a salesman for Schuh Grain Elevator for many years. In 1964, he worked as a utility specialist for Platt Incorporated who sold truck equipment. Later, he took a job with Astoria Fibra-Steel, where he sold fiberglass truck bodies. His tenure with Astoria was tenuous at times, but Chuck eventually established his own distributorship, which ultimately turned into Sauber Manufacturing in 1968. The story goes that Charlie was asked by some lineman if he could come up with this or that improvement.  Since he had a small machine shop at home, he worked at night to find a solution and bring it back out to the field for testing.  After a few failures and a few successes, Charlie was off and running.  As time went on, Sauber Manufacturing grew into different areas of utility needs, and followed Chuck’s ambitions and imagination making a name for itself in innovation and collaboration. Today’s Sauber Manufacturing continues to sell direct to customers to preserve the ability to have direct feedback from the field, and is the industry’s leader in innovation because of it.  It may have all begun when he was a young man of 10 years old. Chuck fixed a piece of farm machinery, an Oat Binder, which instilled in him a fever to make things work better and more efficiently. Upon that foundation, Chuck would add 49 industrial patents including his first invention, the “Snap-e”, a snap fastener repair tool. His wife’s frustration with the constantly failing snaps on her children’s clothing was the inspiration for that tool. (Chuck got the patent on the “Snap-e” but Lorraine should have gotten the credit!) Retirement was a dirty word to Chuck and never entered into his vocabulary, mostly because his mind never stopped thinking. Even into his last days, he had dreams and aspirations to make life easier for future patients and nurses. In fact, he wanted to live three more years in order to make some of the dreams a reality, but he has forgone the limited potential of the earthly and is now reveling in his Heavenly workshop where nothing is impossible.  Chuck was a proud member and past commander of the Maple Park American Legion #312.  His family was so large and Virgil so small, Chuck was known to say with pride that he fathered 10% of the population! He was the beloved husband of the late Lorraine Sauber; and loving father of sixteen children.  The company continues to be family owned and operated and has a plan in place for it to continue Charlie’s legacy well into the future.

Galvanized Wheel Rims Now Standard

It’s been understood for a while now that painted rims, even with advancements in powder coating, don’t hold up very well. This is true across trailers and trucks and it doesn’t take a long walk in the yard to prove it out. The rim is in the harshest environment on the road—and it’s spinning. No wonder the finish can give up so quickly. Until now, this has just been a fact of life.

Today, we are announcing a conversion on all our trailers wheels to a hot-dipped galvanized finish. The same finish that has been loved by our customers for nearly three decades and is also standard on our trailers, mobile frames, platforms, dumps and everything else we build out of steel. While this is a standard, no-charge upgrade for our customers, we expect it to be highly valuable as it will keep the rims in the same great shape as the balance of the trailer. In combination with our wheel nut indicators, stainless steel inner dual valve stem extensions and available electronic hubodometers, this area of our trailers is getting the same great attention as everything that rides above it.

Stainless Steel Tool Boxes Introduced

We are pleased to offer a premium line of custom stainless steel tool boxes with an outstanding feature set as a new standard feature on our trailers. Crafted from 14 Gauge Stainless Steel, our heavy duty boxes are an appropriate extension of the long life materials we use in building equipment that lasts. Check them out here.


Now Available: Electronic Hubodometers

A nice upgrade from our popular analog hubos, this upgrade gives an operator or maintenance technician a quick reference number for a scheduled maintenance need or a safety check just prior to hitting the the road. Electronic hubodometers are now available with a stainless steel strap that avoids the need for machined installation nuts.  These units are not intended for over-the-road tractor trailers or for private use vehicles.