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Construction News

Last week we began moving our welding team into the new 40,000 sq. ft. production facility.  We anticipate metal cutting people and equipment will be joining them by month’s end.

Our office facility has been fully staffed since mid-June.  Landscaping, and finish details won’t get in the way as our entire team is fully engaged and committed to getting as much produced as possible by year-end.

Construction Update

Next week the concrete will be completed inside the building. It takes a little longer with hydronic floor heat. In the plant, electrical, plumbing, compressed air, distributed welding gas & fume vacuum systems will continue being deployed through the early summer. The final interior paint in the front office will join the existing floor, lighting and ceiling next week. Furniture and connection to our network infrastructure will follow that.

Season of Thanks

Once again, our company partnered in a not-so-small way with Feed My Starving Children, a non-profit Christian organization to feed hungry children throughout the world.

As in years past, our company and employees made a significant contribution to this weekend event.  Here is how it works.

The event’s 2019 weekend efforts produced 1,556,928 meals!

Over 80 volunteers represented Sauber by volunteering throughout the weekend.

Sauber Employee Monetary Contributions:  $2666

Sauber Company Contributions, including employee match:  $16,666

Total:  $19,332

That equals enough money to provide 77,328 life-saving meals for starving children.

In the past 10 years, our company and it’s employees have provided $101,127 in support of the Mobile Pack Event.

Here is just one reason we do it.


It’s Moving Along…

As colder weather and yes, snow, looms in the forecast, the crane and crews continue to place roof panels on the new production facility.  Crews have been simultaneously working on the build-out of the new office facility at the front of the building.  We are so looking forward to the increased capacity and new work environment that this completed project will bring to our customers and our employees.

Groundwork Enhanced By Poured Footings

114 years ago, on a day in 1905 that could have been much like today’s 86+ degrees, our German ancestors raised the first barn here in Virgil IL – just a short distance from their home.  Did they know that by raising a structure capable of sustaining livestock and to store their harvests combined with hard labor, that they would provide an asset that would sustain our family for generations to come?  We’d like to think that they did. We’d also like for them to know how appreciative the succeeding generations have been.

Today red and white striped cement trucks were kept busy augmenting the groundwork we did last fall by beginning to pour the concrete footings necessary for our new Barn.  Jim Sauber recently shared our plans and trajectory with a customer as “a 49,000 sq-ft facility which we plan to be in near year end.  It will improve our capacity, throughput and efficiency significantly. Exciting stuff.”


This Just In From A Satisfied Rapid Overhead Deployment Trailer Owner:

“We had a tree that fell on the wire breaking two 40′ poles while the three phase 266 energized wires were pinned underneath the tree.

Our troubleman, the construction & maintenance crew and tree trimmers worked together to expedite the outage.

Per our work ticket, 262 customers were dropped in order to make the site safe.

We turned it over to the tree trimmers and after the tree was removed, our crew set the Rapid Overhead Deployment Trailer approximately half way between the two downed poles.  We clipped in the conductors and all customers were restored in 92 minutes.

We estimate that the outage was reduced by at least three hours by using Sauber’s Rapid Overhead Deployment Trailer.”



Reinvesting In Our Future And Yours

We’ve just completed a record year of customer shipments while navigating a very challenging manufacturing environment. As a buyer of goods and services ourselves, we’ve experienced some delivery and pricing extremes which we work at navigating to deliver to our customers as promised. By partnering with you to schedule shipments that met both your expectations and our capabilities we succeeded together!  We earnestly thank you for that.

We’ve recently added substantial resources to benefit our workers and to ensure that you can get the equipment that you need from Sauber.

Some of our current investments:

  • Staffing and ongoing recruitment up 9%
  • Overtime scheduling continues
  • Aggressive monthly shipment goals in place
  • Ground preparations for new manufacturing facility completed (Phase Two)
  • Ford F150 sales truck with NexGen demo body currently in production
  • New Bobcat Loader in service
  • Two Toyota Forklifts added
  • Procured Weld Pro Booms
  • Haas CNC Lathe added to CNC Pod
  • Electric, Automated 220 Ton Press Brake replaces 15 year old workhorse
  • New Miller Welders extend our capabilities

Thank you again for your continued confidence in our products and company.  Our goal is for Sauber Mfg. Co. to always be the best place buy and the best place to work.

Happy New Year

Thanks to a robust economy, many of you placed orders for new equipment this past year.  Aware that you always have choices in who you trust when it comes to utility equipment, we’d like to sincerely thank you for choosing us.

We promise to continue to earn that trust with each piece of quality equipment that leaves our factory.


Our newest product, the Rapid Overhead Deployment Trailer, is gaining a lot of momentum in the industry.  Here is a picture of one of those units -pressed into service only 2 hours after it was delivered!  Saving time, restoring power, and reducing costs – just as promised.


We’re looking forward to keeping more promises in 2019…

Feed My Starving Children 2018 Update

This past weekend our company co-sponsored and helped staff the Feed My Starving Children Mobile Pack.  A Christian non-profit founded in 1987, Feed My Starving Children equips people to turn hunger into hope with their own two hands. Volunteers pack MannaPack meals, scientifically developed to reverse and prevent malnutrition. Then we donate the food to selected missions and humanitarian agencies worldwide, who use it to supply orphanages, schools, health care facilities, community feeding programs, and other institutions intervening in severe poverty.  Rescued from hunger and its risks – including stunted development, ill health, slavery and even an early death – children can develop healthy bodies and minds. They can go to school, earn a living, and bring prosperity to their families, communities, and nations.
Hunger becomes hope. And it starts with food.
Feed My Starving Children relies solely on a network of generous volunteers to pack every meal by hand. Whether at a permanent site or at a MobilePack event, each volunteer leaves the two-hour packing session more aware of their own good fortune and filled with inspiration that can only come from doing God’s life-saving work. In the fiscal year 2016/2017 more than one million FMSC volunteers packed over 280 million meals that were distributed to 70 countries around the globe.


Here’s a link to success stories of feeding kids.


2018 event numbers…

Over 5000 volunteers packed 1,430,352 meals and raised over $315,000 to do it.

A 50/50 Raffle also allowed us to share $12,904 with local non-profits.


Sauber’s numbers:

40 Employee volunteers and their family members packed meals in addition to contributing $1390.

The company matched those $1390 donations + $11,000.

The company with its employees paid for 62,636 meals.

Since 2010, we’ve packed enough meals for kids to fill Soldier Field to capacity over 6 times.

Honoring Our Past By Forging The Future

Our 50th year in business not only looks to the past, but plays an important part in our future. Phase one of our expansion began in September with the careful deconstruction and salvage of our family’s 113 year old barn.  The barn will sacrifice it’s location for a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility slated for completion in 2020.  Like the barn built all those years ago, the new facility has the expectation of bringing our ability to produce well into the future. If we succeed in replicating its century + of importance to our future, the new facility will serve both our customers and our employees exceedingly well.  Check back for more updates as this historic project moves forward.



10/19  The first phase of the deconstruction of the barn has been completed.  The excavation company has cleared the former foundation and new fill is being placed for the new earthen bed.  We’re hoping that the fill will be placed and completed prior to winter in order to settle during the change of seasons.