Honoring our founder, Chuck Sauber

“We are products of our former selves.” This simple statement is powerful. It compels self- introspection and it integrates the uniqueness of an individual across an entire life.

Our founder, Charles Sauber, was a product of his former self. He was joyful, proud, persistent, and often brilliant. He taught us that there is no substitute for good, hard work, so that is what we do. We understand that doing things right, right now, will make us better in the future. We recognize that we are defined by those that came before us: raising families, building barns, pursuing ideas, pounding pavement, welding steel, raising buildings, all working together, across generations of time.

Therefore we honor our past and acknowledge our beginning: Founder’s Day will be a new, annual company paid holiday for our employees, falling on the 3rd Friday of January, the anniversary of our date of incorporation. Employees are encouraged to take this day to reflect on what this past means to them, and how they can honor it through their work. Every day we work together, we are defining what our Company is to become.