Power outages can happen at the worst times. Full crew schedules and inclement weather can make it tough to quickly repair a residential lost phase or neutral. Our Find-A-Phase buys you the time you need and puts customers back on line fast.



Allows one man loading, unloading and placing of converter unit

Eliminates unsightly and accident prone jumper cords

Tamper proof and unobstructive

Mounts securely to rear bumper

Reduces costs by separating the mobilization unit from the converter-one mobilization unit can place

several converters

Eliminates back injuries by providing a mechanized method of lifting and carrying the converter

Installation Procedure

1) Remove customer meter.

2) Disconnect faulted leg at pedestal or transformer and at meter device. Tape exposed ends

3) Place breaker switch on portable transformer in the open position.

4) Check that locking tabs on meter socket adapter are retracted. Screws should b turned full


5) Connect neutral pigtail on meter socket adapter to neutral lug in customer’s meter socket.

6) Plug in adapter and tighten locking tab screws in a clockwise direction.

7) Place breaker switch on portable transformer in the closed position. Check for 220 volts across

top terminals of adapter.

8) Open breaker switch on portable transformer. Set meter in adapter and close breaker switch to

restore service to customer.

(Not for use with electric heat)