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Torsion Bars

Torsion Bar Applications, Installation Instructions, Drawings & Parts

Improved Stability

  • Stability is safety, and safety is our first concern.
  • A Sauber Torsion Bar can eliminate unwanted counterweight, offering your users an extra safety margin.
  • Because Sauber bars don’t rigidize the chassis frame, they always provide a smooth, quiet ride.

Long Life

  • Premium bronze and galvanized components. Bushings guaranteed and replaced as/if needed for 10 years.
  • 10 Year parts coverage when inspected at no greater than four month intervals.

Excellent Documentation

Our comprehensive applications charts, installation instructions and detailed drawings provide the vital information you and your installers need in an organized format.

Superior Support

Toll-free phone and fax service from anywhere in North America provides easy access to the resources of our organization through your personal company representative.

Lower Life Cycle Costs

Since it takes less time to mount our bar, its installed cost can actually be less than other alternatives. Sauber Torsion Bars are designed and built to outlast your chassis.

Extensive Inventory

Our inventory power puts our bar on the floor just when you want it. Your production schedule can’t wait on your suppliers, and with us as your partner, it won’t.

More Choices

  • Under frame or over frame, nobody provides the installation options we do.
  • More choices mean a better fit for your application and eliminates shop floor customization.