New Bolt-On Swivel D-Ring Introduced

We are pleased to announce that, as a running change, we’ll be converting customer drawings and product to our new bolt-on swivel d-ring. This is the only d-ring that has both the benefit of being replaceable and easily added or relocated without welding. In fact the integrity of the d-ring doesn’t rely on welding at all because there isn’t any. The ring is supported by our C95700 aluminum bronze backer casting which provides precision machined, rust free, 90,000 PSI tensile strength with 20% elongation, which makes it an exceptionally tough solution. Both the d-ring itself and the attachment bracket are hot-dipped galvanized and the assembly is rated at a 9120# working load limit.

This d-ring also allows for an unobstructed deck and works particularly well with wider equipment that can sometimes wind up parked over a d-ring opening.  All other d-rings are still available, but we know customers will appreciate this innovation and its advantages.