Truck Equipment

Why Choose Sauber Truck Equipment

When it comes to choosing truck equipment, you want a service body  manufacturer who can take your ideas from a bare chassis to a highly productive, customized tool.

Some may try and sell you what they have, rather than what you want. Sauber Mfg. Co. however, has a long history of responding to customer needs with innovation after innovation. Up front engineering guided by experienced and skilled sales personnel is the beginning of the process of one-stop design, manufacture and responsibility.

NexGen Aluminum Service Body

Introducing an all-new service body designed and engineered to address the evolution in work trucks in our industry.  This Sauber component body provides the advantages of both a service and a platform body. With extreme flexibility and strength, we bring a tough, lightweight solution with a guaranteed remount path by combining the best of aluminum, stainless and galvanized steel components. ...

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Sign Trucks

These unique truck platforms look different, and that’s by design... multipurpose vehicles designed by your needs and how you want to use them. By asking your end-users how they perform their job functions, combined with experience in what will make them safer and more efficient, we are able to develop a vehicle to the need, rather than make an operator conform ...

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Service Cranes

Lift Cranes Provide Flexibility and Safety The up-front design and engineering of the entire service vehicle is critical, and makes the crane and it's surrounding body features function as a mobile powerhouse. Your Sauber representative can help you spec the right crane and ensure your vehicle is appropriately complimented. Electric or hydraulically driven, service cranes allow you to easily manage loads ranging ...

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Aerial Lifts

Accessibility Up High Ask your Sauber representative to help you design a service vehicle that can get your people in the air safely. The up-front design and engineering of the entire service vehicle is critical and makes the lift and it's surrounding service body features function as a mobile powerhouse.


Choosing a truck body manufacturer who can take your ideas and needs from a bare chassis to a highly productive, customized tool can be tricky. Some vendors may try and sell you what they have, rather than what you want. We will work from the ground up, listening and sharing the ideas that come from experience and other users. Read through ...

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Step Vans

Getting it Right Choosing a van upfitter who can take your ideas and wants from a bare box to a highly productive, customized tool can be tricky. Some may try and sell you off-the-shelf components, rather than what you really want. Sauber Mfg. Co. however, has a long history of building highly productive work vehicles packed with the right combination of ...

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Emergency Assist Vehicles

Sauber is an alternative source for service, fire & rescue, and emergency vehicles. We provide emergency vehicles that are custom in nature and often assist specialty vehicles such as traditional fire trucks and police cars. There is no need to purchase assist vehicles from emergency vehicle manufacturers at higher rates.  We offer you the ability to be an integral part of the ...

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Dump Bodies

Solid Attention to Detail When you need a high quality alternative to the run of the mill dump body, get with us to specify the longest lasting galvanized solution on the planet. High quality stainless and bronze components go the distance for superior service. Choose from drop sides, aluminum tool boxes, choice of crane installations, hitch options, tailgates and racks to complete ...

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Welder Bodies

On-site welding capability is a must to make your customers satisfied.  To make your job easier, we help design, engineer and build-in everything you need to get the job done without extra trips for parts or equipment.  Responding to the problem and solving it seamlessly is what this unit is all about.  Our service bodies are built with longevity, attention to detail, and ...

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Lift Gates

Your safety in mind Let us help you choose the right lift gate for your cargo loading needs. Styles range from rail, tuck away, and cantilever, to custom and galvanized solutions. Aluminum gates are also available; they look great and are easy on your operators.

Reel Loaders

Bronze saddles for a lifetime of service Galvanized reel bar w/ bronze positioning collars Dual cylinders w/ integral counterbalance valves Stainless steel pivot pins with oillite bushings that never need grease Galvanized finish and special sizes/capacity available on request

Bumper Cranes

Take the Work out of Work Attached directly to your truck's frame, Bumper Cranes are the perfect solution for those of you wanting to preserve your back and your service body space. Stored neatly inside the bumper, these cranes are set up quickly and can handle in excess of 3,000 LBS.

Mobile Service

Mission: Our mission is to provide utility customers with timely, cost-effective, on-site testing and servicing of their construction and maintenance vehicles, trailers and equipment:

Chassis Drop Ship Codes

GM/Chevy 135177   Ford 88NW06   Dodge T2815