Reinvesting In Our Future And Yours

We’ve just completed a record year of customer shipments while navigating a very challenging manufacturing environment. As a buyer of goods and services ourselves, we’ve experienced some delivery and pricing extremes which we work at navigating to deliver to our customers as promised. By partnering with you to schedule shipments that met both your expectations and our capabilities we succeeded together!  We earnestly thank you for that.

We’ve recently added substantial resources to benefit our workers and to ensure that you can get the equipment that you need from Sauber.

Some of our current investments:

  • Staffing and ongoing recruitment up 9%
  • Overtime scheduling continues
  • Aggressive monthly shipment goals in place
  • Ground preparations for new manufacturing facility completed (Phase Two)
  • Ford F150 sales truck with NexGen demo body currently in production
  • New Bobcat Loader in service
  • Two Toyota Forklifts added
  • Procured Weld Pro Booms
  • Haas CNC Lathe added to CNC Pod
  • Electric, Automated 220 Ton Press Brake replaces 15 year old workhorse
  • New Miller Welders extend our capabilities

Thank you again for your continued confidence in our products and company.  Our goal is for Sauber Mfg. Co. to always be the best place buy and the best place to work.