Brake / Tensioning Equipment

Sauber Disc Brake & Tensioning Equipment

What differentiates a Sauber disc brake from all others is that ours are impervious to rust, include radial clean out vents, and our discs and hubs are CNC machined from a single casting.

The safe application, durability, and smooth operation that professionals count on while tensioning can only be achieved from completely rust free components that are designed and built specifically to the utility standards found in our All-Bronze Disc Brake.

In this way, we go beyond the more common combination of painted steel components with an assembled brass rotor that are only adapted for utility use from other applications. Visit the specifications below to understand why our brakes set the standard that lineman depend on.

Overhead Tensioning & Pulling Requirements Worksheet

Tensioning Brake & Take-up Retriever

Precision braking is guaranteed to be smooth and controlled by our patented ventilated bronze disc braking system. Components are modular for easy serviceability. Our versatile Take-Up Retriever fits any Sauber brake without modification. This enhancement is designed to pull through short spans of new conductor and salvage wire. Optional hydraulically activated calipers are ideal for remotely controlling braking tension on ...

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Hydraulic Power Sources

Our fully contained Hydraulic Power Sources are designed to give you power without the assistance of a line truck.  Each unit is designed to give the appropriate amount of hydraulic muscle to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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Reel Frames

We can develop kits to retrofit your existing flatbed truck or trailer configurations so that you can line up the reel to the work, not the whole vehicle. Our turrets lock on 6 degree intervals and rotate fully loaded with less than 10 pounds of force. A cost effective alternative to a new trailer purchase.

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