Tensioning “Brakes are fine.”

We recently received this request from a fellow who purchased a
Sauber Model 1539 Three Reel Turret Trailer at auction:

“The trailer is in very good condition. We need to have it refurbished.  We’d like it repainted and it may need some wiring.  It’s a 1985.  The Tensioning Brakes are fine.”

Our president, Jim Sauber noted that: “It’s 33 years old.  That is a real world endorsement of the investment we make in producing quality equipment and proof that we intend for our products to last, and they do.”


Many innovations have been added since this trailer was originally produced 33 years ago: bent-tube frames, standard hot-dipped galvanized finish, LED lighting, automotive wiring harness systems, modular turntable bearings, galvanized wheels and axles, and a 10-year warranty, just to name a few.



Those who know quality and understand total cost of ownership choose Sauber.