Model 1010-H

Electric starting with backup recoil assure that your crews are always work ready. This commercial grade Honda engine with automatic decompression is easy to start and quieter thanks to its overhead valve design. A digital hour meter, analog filter condition gauge, oil quality/level gauge and pressure control keep your maintenance goals on track. A pump suction strainer and quality filtration keep contaminants out of your hydraulic system. Non-rusting Almag cast cover and aluminum tank are extremely durable and provide the foundation to maximize uptime and contribute to the extended life our customers deserve. Our compact design and superior engineering make this unit the perfect choice for powering Take-Up/Retrievers, self-loading operations, hydraulically powered turrets and your hydraulic tools. Choose from three output levels:  2800 PSI @ 5 GPM, 2250 @ 6 GPM or 1500 PSI @ 8 GPM at no additional charge.

Series 1000 Take Up / Retriever

2600 ft-lbs torque @ 2250 PSI. Full feathering, bi-directional valve provides 17 RPM @ 8 GPM. Single lever MG-Bronze hub disengagement from braking unit when not required. Nothing to disassemble. Holds line tension and dumps to tank in neutral. Reel bar extension provided for attaching Capstan Coupler. MG-Bronze motor housing and Almag chain cover. 71 lbs.

Series 1610 Disc Brake

12″ Ventilated bronze disc outperforms other solutions with rust free materials and 700 ft-lbs of torque. Ideal for precise overspin control or moderate tension into a bull wheel application.


Parts Breakdown

Series 1602 Tensioning Brake

16″ Ventilated bronze disc rotor machined from a single casting provides the industry’s best performance for distribution wire stringing. Available on trailers, frames and as a retrofit to existing equipment. (Shown with available hydraulic power source.)

Model 1619 Turret Reel Frames

Turret frames can be incorporated into existing equipment like flatbeds and trailers or as original equipment built into your new vehicles.

Series 1612 Modular Frames

These frames can be added to existing flatbed trailer or trucks and removed quickly to allow other uses.

Model 1015-2 Mini Power Unit

Be in control with this efficient electric power unit which provides the right hydraulic muscle you need to get the job completed safely.

DC Powered – 2500 PSI @ .7 GPM

Model 1015-1 Mini Power Unit

Electric power units assist and convert AC or DC power to the hydraulic power you need to get the job done.  A quick, low-maintenance solution to providing power in the field.

150VAC Powered – 1500 PSI @ 2 GPM

Model 1015EH

Smooth, quiet power. Electric power units convert AC or DC power to the hydraulic power you need to get the job done efficiently .  Your crew will appreciate the extra hand these compact units offer.

230VAC Powered – 2100 PSI @ 3 GPM