Series 1610 Disc Brake

12″ Ventilated bronze disc outperforms other solutions with rust free materials and 700 ft-lbs of torque. Ideal for precise overspin control or moderate tension into a bull wheel application.


Parts Breakdown



12″ 415B Aluminum-Bronze disc w/ chamfered cleanout/ventilation holes in a radial pattern providing complete pad wiping over single disc revolution. Stainless steel and Almag mechanical tensioning adjustment assembly. Single piece Almag housing w/ oillite bearings and free-axis Almag calipers w/ stainless steel pivot pins. RF-38 Non-asbestos brake material.

Reel Bar

2 1/4″ 8000 lbs galvanized reel bar w/ AL-Bronze positioning collar w/ lifting hook. Cast steel power arm w/ lifting hook disengages from brake w/o disturbing tension setting. Dove-tail connection between brake and reel bar w/ MG-Bronze reel bar saddles. Self-retaining bronze latch pin (U.S. Patent # 5,228,656) locks reel bar in saddle.


Capable of providing 700 ft-lbs continuous braking torque at 15 minute duration. Brake designed for overspin control applications and as input tension control for bull-wheel tensioners. Not intended for direct tension of overhead electrical lines.


Three years complete parts coverage.