Series 1612 Modular Frames

These frames can be added to existing flatbed trailer or trucks and removed quickly to allow other uses.



Frames bolt together, retaining configuration options in an ever-changing environment


Hot-dipped galvanized frames and reel bars combined w/ All-Bronze Brakes and bronze reel bar saddles provided a non-ferrous, lasting investment

Versatile Installation

Can be mounted on flatbed and cargo trailers or platform trucks


Add additional frame sections and options at a later date – our fasten together designs require no cutting, drilling or welding

Available Accessories

Choose from a wide variety of Take-up/Retriever and Hydraulic Power Source Options to increase your team’s productivity

1612Single Reel Modular Frame w/ All-Bronze Brake - 72"Dia x 56"W; 8000 #650 lbs
1612-AAdd On Module w/ All Bronze Brake - 72"Dia x 56"W; 8000 #425 lbs
1000Take-Up/Retriever - 1300 ft-lbs @ 1500 PSI; 17 RPM @ 8 GPM55 lbs
1000-TTurbo Retriever - 2600 ft-lbs @ 2250 PSI; 17 RPM @ 8 GPM71 lbs
1000-2S2-Speed Retriever - Low: 2600 ft-lbs/17 RPM High: 1300 ft-lbs/34 RPM80 lbs
1010Hydraulic Power Source - 2250 PSI @ 8 GPM340 lbs
88522-Watt Solar Powered Battery Box40 lbs