The Utility Expo 2021

The 2021 Utility Expo was a first in many ways.  In addition to the name change (formerly known as the ICUEE Show,) The Expo’s 32 acres were re-mapped providing us the opportunity to expand our footprint and bring even more equipment to demonstrate.  Our new location proved to be beneficial as well, having Altec as a neighbor, located at a shuttle bus drop off, near the entrance to the underground area, and close to the food and facilities of the Broadbent Arena.

However, the biggest benefit is to be able to continue important relationships with our customers and to establish new ones.  We’ve always placed a great value in being able to directly compare our equipment to any of our competitors. 

Serious buyers want to understand the value we offer for their organization.  Being a manufacturer who is serious about producing the best equipment available makes a good marriage, and one that can last a lifetime.