Trailer Accessories

Sauber Mfg. offers several different trailer accessories to address our customer’s specific needs. Our products include: anti-lock brake systems, turret parts, all-weather wheel chocks, and many more.

Anti-Lock Brake System

Anti-lock brakes greatly enhance trailer stability while braking. Because a sliding wheel always leads, a brake lockup situation under manual braking can cause loss of control as the trailer slides sideways. Anti-lock brakes provide the electronic and physical control to prevent wheel lockup and the ensuing control problems. Although Anti-lock brakes may not necessarily help your operators stop over shorter ...

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Premium Flex Grip Gladhand Set

06/20/2016  As a running change, we’ve upgraded our air brake systems to include flexible grips as indicated in the image.  This is the HD version of FLEX-Grip which includes brass fittings and a robust, thermo-elastomeric construction that flexes with air lines during tight turns and makes connecting and disconnecting a snap. When air brakes are required, we automatically provide coil hoses, FLEX-Grips, ...

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Pole Trailer Binding Information

Pole binders are provided at each bolster position.  Where pole hubs are present, wrap the strap under the first binder hub, around the pole or poles, under the second binder hub and secure at the hook provided at the opposite end of the trailer.  Tighten the binder strap at the EZ Torque winch with the winch handle provided.  The EZ ...

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EZ-Up Jacks

These jacks feature severe duty bronze swivels, and can be rotated ninety degrees for horizontal storage during travel providing maximum ground clearance with a minimal amount of cranking. Jacks can be fitted with sand shoes or 8" diameter polyurethene/aluminum swivel casters. EZ-Up Jack Parts

Outrigger Stabilizer Jacks

Experience shows that outriggers are seldom worn out; typically, they are torn off during transit because they are not convenient to fully elevate. These stabilizers feature a bronze latch that involves a simple swing action to lock into the stepped positions on the Almag shaft. Other suppliers often weld the unit to the trailer making replacement a costly job. Because our ...

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Solar Battery Box

The breakaway and battery modules are often the most neglected element of trailer electrical systems. Because many breakaway devices are never called into use, it's easy to understand why it might be overlooked. Section 393.43 of the Federal Code states that a breakaway system ". . . shall be provided to maintain application of the brakes on the trailer in such ...

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For utility fleet purposes, many states allow "mileage" plates which can lower licensing costs. Recording trailer miles makes sense from a maintenance and asset utilization standpoint. Designed specifically for the utility fleet trailer, our hubodometer is hermetically sealed and won't crack and lose oil like conventional plastic caps. It records mileage in both directions. The Almag housing provides rust free ...

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Positioning Collars & Sleeves

Our aluminum bronze reel positioning collar and tapered cone provide a secure, concentric hold for your reels. Install the insert sleeve on the reel bar and insert it into the reel as far as possible. Install the reel positioning collar directly behind the sleeve flange and tighten the locking bolt to 50 ft-lbs. You can generally approximate this torque by hand ...

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Almag Capstans

Lightweight - Reduces operator fatigue and lessens risk of back injuries Non-Rusting - Weatherproof materials make it the lasting alternative Encapsulated Spring - Cannot become loose or fall out; no parts to keep track of Strong - Almag has the highest strength to weight ratio of any "as cast" aluminum alloy

Tensioning Brake & Take-up Retriever

Precision braking is guaranteed to be smooth and controlled by our patented ventilated bronze disc braking system. Components are modular for easy serviceability. Our versatile Take-Up Retriever fits any Sauber brake without modification. This enhancement is designed to pull through short spans of new conductor and salvage wire. Optional hydraulically activated calipers are ideal for remotely controlling braking tension on ...

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Hydraulic Power Sources

Our fully contained Hydraulic Power Sources are designed to give you power without the assistance of a line truck.  Each unit is designed to give the appropriate amount of hydraulic muscle to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Rear Light Bar

Our fluorescent orange powder coated aluminum light bar for Pole Trailers provides FMVSS 108 lighting at the rearmost pole position. It's an integral part of the trailer, so it's always there, ready and working. An exclusive Tread Grip lined "V" combined with a 2" nylon ratchet binder provided on the light bar, assures a firm hold on the pole. Best ...

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Pole Stanchions

Our bronze and galvanized stanchions for Pole Trailers provide a convenient way to position poles. Each is equipped with an over-center, variable tension, cam lock assembly. Because they are completely non-rusting, they won't seize to the bolsters like old-fashioned stanchions can. See Parts Drawing in Specifications Section

Pole Muzzle

Our galvanized pole muzzles provide a convenient method for connecting the lead pole to the towing vehicle. This unit includes safety chains and two methods for securing it to your wooden poles.  Self-locking, worm drive winches with heavy duty 4" straps are provided along with holes to allow attachment using customer provided crossarm bolts.  Several styles are available.

Winch Binder

We utilize a 5500# capacity, self-locking worm gear drive winch is safer, easier to use and longer lasting than ratchet type binders. With thousands of installations in the field, they are tested and preferred by users across the U.S. and Canada. Our galvanized crank handle makes the operation smooth and simple, eliminating the traditional pitfalls of a breaker bar. The ...

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Hitch Extension

Our fully adjustable hitch extension is cast from steel and can be rotated for additional height options. It allows the trailer tongue to clear tow vehicle encumbrances like steps and tailshelves. We use only grade 8, North American certified bolts for attachment. 3.0" ID hitches available separately.

Safety Chains

Chain traps secure chain at two links for ultimate holding power. Our unique method of installation doesn't require connecting links or welding of the chain, compromising its integrity. Chain traps and complete Grade 70 chain and Grade 70 Hook assemblies available.  

Socket Housing

The strong Almag housing that secures your socket system provides electrical wiring with a non-rusting and secure environment for years of hard labor. Specify plug type when ordering. Also available with dual connection option.

Reel Frames

We can develop kits to retrofit your existing flatbed truck or trailer configurations so that you can line up the reel to the work, not the whole vehicle. Our turrets lock on 6 degree intervals and rotate fully loaded with less than 10 pounds of force. A cost effective alternative to a new trailer purchase.

EZ-Lube Hubs

  Preface : Greasing standard axle bearings necessitates completely disassembling the hub. This requires removing the wheel, prying the metal grease cap off, and removing the cotter pin, spindle nut and hub. This process is time consuming, increases fleet maintenance costs and introduces possible re-assembly variances.   E-Z Lube Standard On Sauber Trailers We are now including E-Z Lube hubs from Dexter as standard equipment on all ...

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Electric Brake System

Check the trailer brake lights by having someone operate the brake and turn signals on the tow vehicle while you visually verify it is functioning.  If your trailer has electric brakes, your tow vehicle will have an electric brake controller that is required to be installed at the driver's position that sends power to the brakes. To check the condition ...

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We've made hot-dipped galvanizing standard across our entire line of trailers. Now customers who have been saying "Galv it!" for over 25 years don't have to any more. More and more customers every day trust our experience in galvanizing, innovative features and durable design to work with them on their next successful trailer application.

Trailer Lighting Standards

We utilize an LED sealed beam/wiring system w/ stop/turn/tail lights recessed in fully enclosed tube bumper to meet FMVSS 108. Sealed wiring harnesses with no junction boxes or spliced connections. SAE 7-way socket protected top sides and back w/ Almag housing. 1100-52 sealed breakaway w/ charging circuit and LED battery condition indicator w/ 450 C.C.A. maintenance free battery. For more ...

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Sauber Manufacturing leads the field with a 10-year, comprehensive, trailer and truck platform warranty. This warranty comes at no charge to our customers and we have the financial strength and integrity to back it up. Our warranty is an extension of who we are and demonstrates the quality of our builds. 10-Year Structural, parts & labor on all Sauber manufactured components ...

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Sauber turret trailers are equipped with one or more rotating turrets. The turret frames are galvanized and can be removed, allowing the trailer to be used for other applications. These individual frames can also be used on other transportation equipment to string wire. The turrets are free turning and can be locked on six degree intervals by the stainless steel locking ...

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All Sauber trailers conform to national conspicuity standards.  Background / Summary In January of 1993, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued a ruling that certain trailers be equipped with reflective tape to increase visibility. This ruling was designed to reduce the number of night time accidents involving trailers. The ruling only applies to trailers meeting all three of the criteria below: New trailers built ...

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Wheel Nut Indicators

During their daily safety check, your operator will be immediately aware of two potentially dangerous conditions with a quick look at our standard wheel nut indicators.  The indicator may be pointing outside the circle pattern which will signal that a wheel nut has loosened. The indicator may also have started to blister and distort which indicates it has been exposed to ...

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Christmas Tree Components Package

Includes: 2.5" x 10' Solid Fiberglass Arm w/ (3) Insulated Rollers, Arm Brace & Attachment Hardware.

All-Weather Wheel Chocks

Our All-Weather Wheel Chocks have a Grip Strut face that locks wheels tight on all surfaces in all weather conditions because the motion of the tire grips the chock face and wedges it between the wheel and the ground. They are unconditionally guaranteed against breakage for the life of the equipment they protect. Available with holders for every application, Sauber All-Weather ...

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Stainless Steel Tool Boxes

We are pleased to offer a premium line of custom stainless steel tool boxes with an outstanding feature set at responsible prices. Feature / Benefits 14 Gauge stainless steel construction ensures an extremely long life for heavy duty daily use. MIG & TIG welding provides high strength joints and smooth corners. 304 Polished stainless steel strap hinges are impervious to the elements ...

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Christmas Tree Accommodation Package

Item 21350 Includes S4353-1 Upper Mast Bolt-On Bracket - Galv S4355 Lower Mast Bolt-On Dual Support Clamp Brackets - Galv; Expansion of Stainless Steel Tool Box LS & Storage of Lower Brace Brackets & Customer Provided Fiberglass Components Left Front Storage Provision for Upper Bracket