Christmas Tree Accommodation Package

Item 21350

Includes S4353-1 Upper Mast Bolt-On Bracket – Galv

S4355 Lower Mast Bolt-On Dual Support Clamp Brackets – Galv; Expansion of Stainless Steel Tool Box LS & Storage of Lower Brace Brackets & Customer Provided Fiberglass Components

Left Front Storage Provision for Upper Bracket


Stainless Steel Tool Boxes

We are pleased to offer a premium line of custom stainless steel tool boxes with an outstanding feature set at responsible prices.

Feature / Benefits

  • 14 Gauge stainless steel construction ensures an extremely long life for heavy duty daily use.
  • MIG & TIG welding provides high strength joints and smooth corners.
  • 304 Polished stainless steel strap hinges are impervious to the elements and include Delrin (thermoplastic invented by DuPont) bushings that provide high stiffness, low friction and excellent dimensional stability.
  • Sealed compression Latch w/ NEMA 4/IP-65 weather protection w/ stainless steel tumbler & keys keeps weather & dust out & provides a positive pressure seal that’s easily adjustable and provides a clearer door opening by eliminating the striker plate.
  • Stainless steel carriage bolts w/ lock nuts provide a low profile, nearly theft-proof design that’s always serviceable.
  • Door Stiffeners (where applicable) ensure a rigid door structure w/ full length 3M VHB (Very High Bond) automotive tape with high solvent resistance and a 200° long term temperature exposure rating.
  • Gas struts provided on top hinge door configurations provides smooth lift and positive elevation.
  • Rubber lined compartment bottoms provide sure footing for tools and materials.
  • Waterjet parts cutting assures accurate cutout placement for excellent forming and cost effective, precision parts.
  • Custom sizing without the custom prices thanks to direct SolidWorks to machine instructions.

Wheel Nut Indicators

During their daily safety check, your operator will be immediately aware of two potentially dangerous conditions with a quick look at our standard wheel nut indicators.  The indicator may be pointing outside the circle pattern which will signal that a wheel nut has loosened. The indicator may also have started to blister and distort which indicates it has been exposed to temperatures above 240° which could be an indication of brake or bearing issues.  A simple feature, but one that makes a Sauber trailer simpler and safer to operate…

Premium Flex Grip Gladhand Set

06/20/2016  As a running change, we’ve upgraded our air brake systems to include flexible grips as indicated in the image.  This is the HD version of FLEX-Grip which includes brass fittings and a robust, thermo-elastomeric construction that flexes with air lines during tight turns and makes connecting and disconnecting a snap.

When air brakes are required, we automatically provide coil hoses, FLEX-Grips, gladhands, gladhand holders and connection protection. This difference is one of many little things that we’re doing to make your trailers the best ones you’ll ever own.

All-Weather Wheel Chocks

Our All-Weather Wheel Chocks have a Grip Strut face that locks wheels tight on all surfaces in all weather conditions because the motion of the tire grips the chock face and wedges it between the wheel and the ground. They are unconditionally guaranteed against breakage for the life of the equipment they protect. Available with holders for every application, Sauber All-Weather Wheel Chocks are protecting people and property 32 years after we designed and patented them.

The capacities in the table below are based on the recommended practice of placing two chocks at each non-steering axle, one set on both the right and left side of the vehicle, blocking the tire in the direction of the incline. Note that the U.S. Department of Transportation provides that the maximum single-axle weight limit on Federal highways is 20,000 lbs. The tandem-axle limit is 34,000 lbs. in combination, with some exceptions up to 40,000 lbs. at very wide axle spreads. Some states may allow higher weights due to “grandfather” rights. Learn more about bridge and axle weights on the DOT web site.



All Sauber trailers conform to national conspicuity standards. 

Background / Summary

In January of 1993, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued a ruling that certain trailers be equipped with reflective tape to increase visibility. This ruling was designed to reduce the number of night time accidents involving trailers.

  • The ruling only applies to trailers meeting all three of the criteria below:
  • New trailers built on or after 12/1/93
  • Trailers with a GVWR of at least 10,000 lbs
  • Trailers with a width of at least 80″

Note: RV trailers and portable offices are exempt.


Regulation number 49CFR571.108.S5.7 was obtained from the 10/1/97 revision of Title 49 of the Federal Code of Regulations Section 108. This section covers Lamps, Reflective Devices and Associated Equipment.


Sauber turret trailers are equipped with one or more rotating turrets. The turret frames are galvanized and can be removed, allowing the trailer to be used for other applications. These individual frames can also be used on other transportation equipment to string wire. The turrets are free turning and can be locked on six degree intervals by the stainless steel locking handle. Always stop the reel rotation before locking it into place. Large forces from heavy, turning reels can damage the locking mechanism if an attempt is made to lock the reel while rotating.

Turret Parts



Sauber Manufacturing leads the field with a 10-year, comprehensive, trailer and truck platform warranty. This warranty comes at no charge to our customers and we have the financial strength and integrity to back it up. Our warranty is an extension of who we are and demonstrates the quality of our builds.

  • 10-Year Structural, parts & labor on all Sauber manufactured components
  • 10-Year Galvanized finish warranty
  • 3-Year Total parts & labor coverage
  • 3rd Party mechanized equipment like liftgates, cranes and hoists are covered under their respective manufacturers’ warranties
  • Customer labor reimbursement @ $80/hour