ABS Brakes Tandem Axle Air: 10k-20k

Anti-lock Braking System per code w/ Midland Grau controls including Dexter exciter rings installed at lead axle w/ electronic control unit providing protection at all four brake locations. Components are powered by the stoplight circuit, allowing any truck currently equipped to pull trailers to be used with this system. Spring brakes providing breakaway protection w/ emergency and service gland hands w/ storage provision included. A numerical display is provided on the ECU which identifies one of sixty-three fault codes – providing accurate and quick troubleshooting. A hand held display unit is available as an option for remote diagnostics. All cables are sealed, weatherproof and polarized to provide high reliability and mistake-free serviceability. A warning light is provided on the trailer side and will illuminate if any component is not functioning. Automatic slack adjusters included.

ABS Brakes Tandem Axle Air: 10k-20k can be found on the following products

Model 1595 Pole Trailer

Model 1580-TB Tilt Bed Trailer