Construction (1580-AL)

Aluminum construction except as noted. 12″ x 14.292 #/ft AA I-Beam mainframe w/ continuous construction to towing frame. Reinforced inside and out at a-frame bend. 5″ x 2.212 #/ft AA Channel crossmembers on aproximately 18″ centers pierced through I-Beam. 7″ x 3.205 #/ft AA Channel sides and front rail full width of front trailer. 4″ x 1.85 #/ft Channel deck side rails extending from trailer front to rear portion of beavertail. 3/8″ Treadplate over fender areas. (6) 1″W x .50H x 30″L grip bars installed each side beavertail.

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Model 1580-AL Aluminum Beavertail Trailer