Tensioning Brake


16″ ventilated cast-bronze disc with stainless steel and almag mechanical tensioning adjustment assembly. Adjustment wheel equipped with fine threads. 3000 ft-lbs torque delivered by self-moderating rubber insert bushing (U.S. Patent # 4,325,552). Disc/hub machined from one casting to ensure exact alignment. 5/16″ Diameter chamfered clean out holes provided in radial pattern along both sides of disc. Cast bronze bolt-together housing with free-axis cast-bronze caliper and stainless steel pivot pins. RF-38 Non-asbestos brake material w/ 48 sq-in combined pad area. Knurled pad holder surface to maximize coefficient of friction between pad and holder casting.


Bronze slide engagement/disengagement allows reel to be loaded and unloaded without connection to braking unit. Over center cam-type handle provides easy actuation method.


2-1/4″ 8000 lbs galvanized reel bar w cast-bronze positioning collar with lifting hook. Cast-steel power arm with lifting hook disengages from brake without disturbing tension setting. Dovetail connection between brake and reel bar with cast-bronze reel bar saddles. Self-retaining bronze latch pin (U.S. Patent # 5,228,656) locks reel bar in saddle.


Capable of tensioning 5000′ of wire at full braking torque up to 18 RPM. Operating ambient temperature range of -20 to +105 °F, rotor and pad surface to withstand temperatures up to 525 °F. Average pad life at 50% of maximum torque and speed is 4500 revolutions, or approximately 10 miles w/ 48″ diameter reel.

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