VAC Electrical

Electrical input for the unit is provided by shore power or optional on-board generator. 75′ 10/5 S/O Cord w/ “alligator” clips provides shore power hookup. When optional generator is provided a disconnect is installed providing input from either shore or on-board power. The pump is powered by a 220-Volt, three or single phase, 2HP motor through a flexible coupling drive w/ oil cover shield. A push button starter box with full breaker protection for all circuits is provided for motor operation. Wireless remote start/stop provided w/ (2) pocket transmitters. (2) adjustable industrial 500W flood lights provided to illuminated rear and curb side of control compartment. 12VDC lighting w/ battery and 10A charger in control cabinet. Duplex outlets provided; (1) inside; (2) outside control cabinet.

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Model 1594 Oil Filtration Trailer