Puller w/ (4) Rope Filled Cassettes

Our Puller is a revolutionary, innovative tool for distribution line construction. Not only does it offer distribution-capable pulling power in a small, easy-to-position design, it re-invents the way stringing can be done. In short, you’ll get more conductor up in a shorter amount of time. And the same puller for overhead is used for underground construction. Both applications benefit from simple operator control and the constant speed, constant tension design for smooth, even pulls that are unrestricted in length. More information is available at our Technical Resources Page. Contact us for an in-depth review.

Capacity: 2100 lbs
Dimensions: 13’L x 94″W
Axle: 6000 lbs
Brakes: 12″ x 2″, high performance
Suspension: Torflex
GVWR: 5200 lbs
Tires: 235/80R16, LR E
Rims: 6.00 x 16.0 Disc

Rapid Overhead Deployment Trailer – V3

Designed and tested in conjunction with a major utility, this is a tool for today’s environment that improves your CIADI numbers. Stage and ready to go, the Rapid Overhead Deployment Trailer supports conductors after a pole break for shorter outage times. Designed to stay on the job site so you don’t lose the use of a line truck that’s left to support a pole or conductor. The Rapid Overhead Deployment Trailer also improves your planned pole replacement productivity. Contact us to explore this method changing product.

1000# Vertical Lifting Capacity
Designed & Tested to 21,778 ft-lb Moment Load
(2) 7,000# Galvanized Torflex Axles
(4) 235/80R16(E) Tires w/ (4) 6.00 x 16.0 Wheels
12″ x 2″ Electric High-Performance Brakes
GVWR 16450 Lbs; CC 6500 Lbs
4″x8″x1/4″ Bent Tubing Frame
24’L x 96″W x 11’2″H Overall

Oil Tank Trailer

This onsite storage solution provides customized capacity with features that make the work simple. With easy to access pipe connections and oil containment, you can move oil to storage faster and with less clean up. Available pressure rating and nitrogen blanketing will help clean oil stay that way. Of course, protected sectionalized wiring harness, hot dipped galvanized finish, and other Sauber Mfg. Co. standard features are included as well.

Capacity: 8870 lbs
Tank Size: 4000 Gallons
Dimensions: 23′ x 96″W
Axle: (2) 7000 lbs
Brakes: 12″ x 2″, High Performance
Suspension: Torflex
GVWR: 16470 lbs
Tires: (4) 235/80R16, LR E
Rims: 6.00 x 16.0 Disc

Oil Filtration Trailer

This oil filtration system on wheels saves time on the job site. Configurable to your systems requirements, we’ll provide simple use with ultimate flexibility. With our dual header system, you’ll be able to use this unit in more ways than one. And we include features to keep the job site tidy. With an oil sump to catch lost oil, hose reels, and available high oil shut off, you won’t waste time on your clean up phase. Onboard testing is available with integrated meters and 120 VAC outlets for your gear. You’ll rely on this unit for years with the stainless steel tank and enclosure, aluminum roll up doors and galvanized trailer frame. Contact us to review your requirements; you’ll be glad you did.

Capacity: 9550 lbs
Dimensions: 19’L x 90″W
Axle: (2) 8000 lbs
Brakes: 12.25″ x 3.38″, Self-adjusting
Suspension: (4) 4000 lbs Springs
GVWR: 17750 lbs
Tires: (4) 215/75R17.5, LR H
Rims: (4) 6.75 x 17.5 Disc

Battery Trailer

Optimize your service work with this customizable battery transport trailer. By working directly with you, we can offer the size and capacity required for your storage needs. We can also up fit your charge management component helping you make this trailer a time saving, reliable tool for your switchgear service work. And you’ll get the durability and reliability Sauber Mfg. Co. trailers are known for.

Capacity: 12150 lbs
Dimensions: 18’L x 96″W
Cargo: 144″x68.5″
Axle: (2) 7000 lbs
Brakes: 12″ x 2″, High Performance
Suspension: n (4) 3500 lbs Springs
GVWR: 16450 lbs
Tires: (4) 235/80R16, LR E
Rims: 6.00 x 16.0 Disc

C&M Trailer – Single Axle w/ Modular Body

The modular aluminum structure, stainless steel doors and integrated flasher system make a compelling case for this productivity enhancing trailer. The Model 1592 Construction and Maintenance Trailer provides additional tool and material storage that can be taken right to the job site. When it’s dedicated to a work set, you can inventory your materials right on the trailer, insuring you have what you need without extra trips. And Sauber Mfg. Co.’s standard hot dipped galvanized bent tubing frame plus premium wiring ensure this solution will last for years.

Capacity: 4000 lbs
Dimensions: 16’L x 90″W
Cargo: 112″ x 56″
Axle: 8000 lbs
Brakes: 12.25″ x 3.38″, Self-adjusting
Suspension: (2) 4000 Springs
GVWR: 8300 lbs
Tires: 12.00 x 16.5, LR F
Rims: 9.75 x 16.5 Disc

Self-Loading Gas Pipe Trailer

The crew’s performance determines the success of the project. And this trailer is the kind of tool that will set you up for success. With simple loading regardless of the towing vehicle, it’s less time from the yard to the job. With reliable components like stainless steel pivot pins and oil lite bushings, you get years of service with reduced maintenance and down time. Add the standard galvanized finish, premium wiring and serviceable components, you’ll have the value you need to keep winning. Enhance your productivity even more with the available Line Tamer.

Capacity: 1200 lbs
Coil Size: 96”OD x 51″-70”ID x 48″H
Dimensions: 14’L x 96″W
Axle: 3500 lbs
Brakes: 10″ x 2.25″
Suspension: Torflex
GVWR: 4350 lbs
Tires: 205/75R15, LR C
Rims: 6.00 x 15.0, Disc

Coil Duct Trailer w/ Line Tamer

All the benefits of the standard Sauber Coil Duct Trailer are present with this unit. It offers simple loading and is designed for heavy utility work. And, with the Line Tamer designed right in, you’ll have a trailer that improves your efficiency and the jobsite. All with standard Sauber features like galvanized finish, premium wiring and serviceable components.

Capacity: 5070 lbs
Dimensions: 19’L x 96″W x 136″H
Cargo: 95″OD x 67″ID x 50″W Poly Duct Coil
Axle: (1) 8000 lbs
Brakes: 12 1/4″ x 3.38″, high performance
Suspension: 8000 lbs Torflex
GVWR: 9950 lbs
Tires: 275/75R17.5, LR H
Rims: 6.75 x 17.5 Disc

Coil Duct Trailer

When labor and time are at a premium, your equipment can make the all the difference. The Model 1599-CD Coil Duct Trailer offers great performance with reliable construction for serious work. From standard galvanized finish, premium wiring and serviceable components, you know you’re getting one that outlasts the rest. And you can boost your performance with the optional Line Tamer.

Capacity: 5390 lbs
Coil Capacity: 95″Dia x 67″ID x 50″W
Dimensions: 15’L x 80″W
Axle: 7000 lbs
Brakes: 12″ x 2″, High Performance
Suspension: Torflex
GVWR: 8750 lbs
Tires: 235/80R16, LR E
Rims: 6.00 x 16.0, Disc

Wire Service Trailer

Configured specifically for underground fault response, our Model 1599-WS Wire Service trailer puts you in control of the outage situation. Your crews gain storage for the tools, components and wire required to connect power around the underground fault. Once the power is on, you gain the time needed to plan efficient repair of the underground lines. Our commitment to durability ensures this trailer will be ready to work at a moment’s notice.

Capacity: 5950 lbs
Reel Size: 54″ OD x 36″ ID, 6″ & 27″ Compartments
Dimensions: 18’L x 96″W
Cargo: 141″ x 71″
Axle: 7000 lbs Torflex
Brakes: 12″ x 2″, High Performance
Suspension: (2) 3500 lbs Springs
GVWR: 8750 lbs
Tires: 235/80R16, LR E
Rims: 6.00 x 16.0, Disc