Stow Away Steps

Ask our sales professionals what step option will best fit your application.  Engineered for stability and strength, our steps are hot-dip galvanized for a non-rusting solution to getting on and off your truck.  Easily mountable, these steps ensure a secure foothold and a system that stows securely out of the way for travel.  Have a special need?  Let us help you with a solution…

Custom Stainless Steel Boxes

We are pleased to offer a premium line of custom stainless steel tool boxes with an outstanding feature set at responsible prices.

Feature / Benefits

  • 14 Gauge stainless steel construction ensures an extremely long life for heavy duty daily use.
  • MIG & TIG welding provides high strength joints and smooth corners.
  • 304 Polished stainless steel strap hinges are impervious to the elements and include Delrin (thermoplastic invented by DuPont) bushings that provide high stiffness, low friction and excellent dimensional stability.
  • Sealed compression Latch w/ NEMA 4/IP-65 weather protection w/ stainless steel tumbler & keys keeps weather & dust out & provides a positive pressure seal that’s easily adjustable and provides a clearer door opening by eliminating the striker plate.
  • Stainless steel carriage bolts w/ lock nuts provide a low profile, nearly theft-proof design that’s always serviceable.
  • Door Stiffeners (where applicable) ensure a rigid door structure w/ full length 3M VHB (Very High Bond) automotive tape with high solvent resistance and a 200° long term temperature exposure rating.
  • Gas struts provided on top hinge door configurations provides smooth lift and positive elevation.
  • Rubber lined compartment bottoms provide sure footing for tools and materials.
  • Waterjet parts cutting assures accurate cutout placement for excellent forming and cost effective, precision parts.
  • Custom sizing without the custom prices thanks to direct SolidWorks to machine instructions.



EZ Rider Ladder Rack

Easy on people and ladders…

the Sauber Easy Rider Ladder Rack provides the solution to a long standing field problem: Old style racks are hard to load; new styles are hard to reach, and  both can damage fiberglass ladders.

This new generation rack provides a firm yet non-binding hold for ladders. The ladder is quiet in transport because side-to-side movement is eliminated.

Power Equipment

Auxiliary Might
When it comes to power, we’ve got you covered.  We can deliver hydraulic tool tips, air quick couples and electrical outlets anywhere you need it.  For stand alone or vehicle integrated power, turn to us for the configurations and option that will make the day as productive as it can be.

Wheel Chock

Our All-Weather Wheel Chock has a gripstrut design that locks wheels tight on all surfaces in all weather conditions. In field tests, these lightweight, rust free chocks held four times better than wood, rubber, and aluminum chocks. Unconditionally guaranteed against breakage. Available with holders for every application.

Safety Swing Step

Firm, Yet Forgiving

The Sauber Safety Swing Step forgives ditch-runners, indiscriminate backers and many other trials that rigid or cable type steps can’t. It provides a firm, non-flexible step for your operators, yet releases and swings away when the going gets rough.

Features & Benefits

More Choice

– Available in 7″, 9″, and 11″ fixed heights as well as an adjustable step that allows height selection during installation. 



– Aluminum-bronze support with a hot-dipped galvanized step finish and stainless steel pivot rod make these safety steps impervious to the weather.
– Installs easily with two fasteners in the face of your bumper or tailshelf.


Safety Swing Step Parts

No Sweat Cabinet Ventilation System

This patented system allows complete air flow through the fiberglass cabinets of your vehicle helping to eliminate condensation which leads to rusted tools and materials stored within.

Upper Rubber Compartment Vent   Item# 10403

Rubber Compartment Drain  Item # 10402