EZ Rider Ladder Rack

Easy on people and ladders…

the Sauber Easy Rider Ladder Rack provides the solution to a long standing field problem: Old style racks are hard to load; new styles are hard to reach, and  both can damage fiberglass ladders.

This new generation rack provides a firm yet non-binding hold for ladders. The ladder is quiet in transport because side-to-side movement is eliminated.


Easy Rider Ladder Rack Parts

0110278Clamp Bracket Rear - LL7 w/ Fastener & Washer Set
0210279Holding Bracket Rear - ER3
0310280Z-Weldment - Right
0410281Z-Weldment - Left
0510303Rubber Bushing for Nylon Pad
0610309Rubber Insert for Top Retainer
0710371Rubber-Bushed Washer Set w/ Fasteners
AA10372LS Nylon Pad w/ Bushings - ERD1
AB10374RS Nylon Pad w/ Bushings - ERP1
AC10375Top Retainer w/ Rubber Insert
AD10274Complete Rear For 8320 - Driver's or Passenger's Side
AE10376Complete Front For 8320 - Driver's Side
AF10377Complete Front For 8320 - Passenger's Side
8320-LEasy Rider Ladder Rack - Driver's Side
8320-REasy Rider Ladder Rack - Passenger's Side
AG10378Compartment Top Mounting Kit - Aluminum Bolt-On Brackets For
Non-Superstructure Applications (not shown)
AH10379Spring loaded latch kit (not shown)

Installation Instructions:

  1. Install bracket 8320-AD at a 5-20 degree angle near the rear of the superstructure allowing adequate room to adjust vertically later.
  2. Install bracket 8320-AB/AC in line with the rear bracket at the front of the superstructure. Utilize a ladder to align if available.
  3. 3. Raise bracket 8320-AD approximately 1″ to snug ladder against 8320-AC bracket and tighten fasteners.


Adjustable Almag rear support with heavy rubber dip coating provides a secure ride for your ladders. Double nylon dipped front support with top rubber inset allows smooth loading and provides firm support.


Simply place front end in the rack, raise up the rear of ladder and guide into support. Fold over the lockable latch and you’re on your way. Even employees of small stature can load ladders easily.


Can be used safely on all vertical structures including cube vans and walk-in type bodies. For bodies without superstructures specify compartment mount kit. Fits single and extension ladders.