Utility Outrigger Pads



We offer several different sizes of outrigger pads to cover utility and construction needs. So chances are, you’ll find one that fits your requirements. If you don’t, contact us about engineering a pad for your specific application.




  • Easy to carry: Aluminum-Magnesium makes these pads strong, yet lightweight. They never waterlog and become heavy like wood pads do. See Almag 35’s properties here.
  • Additional Safety: Almag pads help ground line trucks, wood & poly pads can isolate the truck.
  • Stable: Our engineered design prevents slipping and sinking, and will not crack or splinter.
  • Guaranteed: If you ever break a Utility Outrigger Pad, we’ll replace it free of charge, including shipping.
  • Economical: A one-time investment providing value through service and safety.


Enhancing Your Investment

  • Optional company name or logo imprint is free with 100 unit orders. We will cast your company name and recovery information into each pad.
  • Add lip stops installed on three sides treadgrip surface available for most pads.


Outrigger pad holders (pictured below) are available in vertical and underbody mounts and feature poly slides and integral retainer lips for ease of use and secure retention.

Model: 1418-MD
Overal: 14"x18"x3.5"H
Capacity: 8000 lbs
Platform: 10"x10"
Weight: 15 lbs
Drawing: 1371ST
Model: 1426
Overal: 14"x26"x2.25"H
Capacity: 19000 lbs
Platform: 10"x17.31"
Weight: 25 lbs
Drawing: 2438ST
Model: 1426-LS
Overal: 14"x26"x3.25"H
Capacity: 19000 lbs
Platform: 10"x17.25"
Weight: 27 lbs
Drawing: 2439ST
Model: 1818
Overal: 18"x18"x2.5"H
Capacity: 33800 lbs
Platform: 12"x12"
Weight: 23 lbs
Drawing: 1314ST
Model: 1818-LS
Overal: 18"x18"x3.19"H
Capacity: 33800 lbs
Platform: 11.88"x11.88"
Weight: 24 lbs
Drawing: 1021ST1
Model: 1818-NM1NL
Overal: 18"x18"x3.19"H
Capacity: 33800 lbs
Platform: 12"x14"
Weight: 28 lbs
Model: 1919
Overal: 19"x19"x1.18"H-4.09"H
Capacity: 24600 lbs
Platform: 19"x19"
Weight: 26 lbs
Drawing: 2521ST
Model: 2424
Overal: 24"x24"x3"H
Capacity: 20000 lbs
Platform: 14"x14"
Weight: 37 lbs
Drawing: 1543ST
Model: 2424-LS
Overal: 24"x24"x3.69"H
Capacity: 20000 lbs
Platform: 14"x14"
Weight: 39 lbs
Drawing: 2409ST
Model: 2424-TG
Overal: 24"x24"x3"
Capacity: 20,000 lbs
Platform: 14'x14"
Weight: 53 lbs
Model: 2424-NM1NL
Overal: 24"x24"x3.75"H
Capacity: 20000 lbs
Platform: 18"x18"
Weight: 42 lbs
Drawing: 2829NM1
Model: 3030
Overal: 30"x30"x2.5"H
Capacity: 21900 lbs
Platform: 15"x15"
Weight: 72 lbs
Drawing: 2484ST
Model: 3030-LS
Overal: 30"x30"x4.88"H
Capacity: 21900 lbs
Platform: 15"x15"
Weight: 74 lbs
Drawing: 2483ST
Model: 3636
Overal: 36"x36"x3.5"H
Capacity: 13000 lbs
Platform: 18"x18"
Weight: 18"x18"
Drawing: 1667ST
Model: 3636-LS
Overal: 36"x36"x4.88"H
Capacity: 13000 lbs
Platform: 18"x18"
Weight: 90 lbs
Drawing: 1027ST
Model: 3636-TCNL
Overal: 36"Diax4.5"H
Capacity: 62000 lbs
Platform: 16.5"Dia
Weight: 91 lbs
Drawing: 1906CC
Model: 4848
Overal: 48"Diax5"H
Capacity: 60600 lbs
Platform: 18.25"Dia
Weight: 155 lbs
Drawing: 1440ST