Almag Capstans

Model NumberDescriptionCapacity @ 6 wrapsWeight
8102General Purpose Capstan5000 lbs21 lbs
8102-LNLong Neck Capstan4000 lbs24 lbs
8102-RCRadius Capstan5000 lbs25 lbs
8102-1010 IN High Speed Capstan3000 lbs40 lbs
8102-HTHigh Torque Capstan6000 lbs22 lbs
-NCSmooth Finish Nylon Coating UpchargeN/AN/A
8230Capstan Coupler
Attaches to the extended shaft of our reel bar and provides an industry standard bayonet shaft interface.
N/A14 lbs

Line drawing showing a variety of Sauber Mfg. Co. Model 8102 Series Almag Capstans and their dimensions.