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Sauber Trailers Sauber Manufacturing provides several types of trailers for a multitude of purposes. Our selection includes rugged and durable flatbeds, open architecture multi-reel trailers, lightweight pole dinkeys to heavy pole haulers and many more. If you’re hauling 45 foot poles one at a time or multiple concrete poles, a single reel or multiple reels, we have the technology and equipment you need to complete the job. Sauber’s advanced design in galvanized steel, aluminum, bronze, Almag and stainless combine premium materials and workmanship. Our specialty trailers can be custom engineered to meet the specific needs of any customer. Sauber will provide pre-production specifications and design drawings to ensure your trailer will meet your specific needs. Trust and depend on Sauber Manufacturing’s fleet and accessories. Click on one of the links below to learn more about the specific products offered through Sauber Mfg.

Single Reel

Click below for complete specifications and remember these are just starting points. We’ve done hundreds of variations and custom designs. If we haven’t done exactly what you need yet, we’re ready to.


Multi Reel

Click below for complete specifications and remember these are just starting points. Enjoy our open architecture design which allows you to add options and enhance productivity at any time.



Line up the work without lining up the trailer. Turrets are a great way to increase productivity in the field and make quick work of cable or wire installation. Galvanized turret frames lock on 6-degree intervals with a stainless steel and bronze positioning system. Modular turntable bearings provide 105,000 lbs axial and 19,000 ft-lbs moment load capacity and are so over-speced, we guaranteed them for 10 years. Retrofits for your existing trucks and trailers are also available.



Our revolutionary Puller is not just an innovative piece of equipment, it introduces a completely new method of stringing. By eliminating the P-line step and separating the rope from the puller, you’ll get more conductor up in a shorter amount of time. In underground applications, our constant speed, constant tension design provides smooth, even pulls that are unrestricted in length. This unit is available in trailer, skid, or platform-mounted versions.

 To see detailed Specifications, please click on the picture below:

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Samson Rope Inspection Guide
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These trailers feature stainless steel pivot pins and oillite bushings that never require lubrication. Built utility tough, we have the right selection for any size job.



Pole Carrying Recommendations | Be ready when work load demands change. These units do multiple jobs well and answer the cry for better trailers when your fleet count needs to move lower.


Flatbed Equipment

Rugged and durable, our flatbeds offer optional deck surfaces and utility grade construction and features all backed by the strongest name in the trailer business. Check out our new, field-installable swivel D-ring.



Pole Carrying Recommendations
Pole Trailer Binding Compliance
Winch Binder Care & Use

Whether you’re hauling 45 footers one at a time or multiple concrete poles, we have the technology and construction you’ve been looking for. Advanced design features combined with premium materials and workmanship make these trailers the most desired in the country. From their tubing lined fenders to their bronze, non-rusting stanchions these heavy duty carriers keep your operators on the job and in control. Available in configurations up to 56′ long with a GVWR of 35,000 lbs.


Pole Dinkeys

Pole Trailer Binding Compliance
Winch Care

Our Pole Dinkeys get in and out of tight spots and feature excellent balancing for easy maneuverability. All models include our integral, lightweight aluminum light bar and are available in deep “V” or bolster configurations. Combined with our Pole Muzzles, they can offer a perfect solution for your pole carrying needs.


Pipe & Coil Duct

Our line of Pipe and Coil Duct Trailers share the same strength and forward thinking features you’ve come to appreciate from our Pole and Reel Trailers. The hot-dipped galvanized finish guaranties years of constant use. Click a model below for complete specifications.


Oil Filtration & Tanker

We engineer our tankers and filtration units to your user’s exact needs. Learn more about how these productive solutions help get the job done. Skid mounts also available for installation on your truck mounted tankers.


Substation & Wire Service

Be ready when trouble strikes and get your customers back in service fast. Available for every size cable and in frame configurations too.



Click at the left for complete specifications. Whatever your trailer needs are, we can fill them. We will custom engineer a trailer to meet you user’s needs and provide pre-production drawings to make sure it will meet every expectation.


Rapid Overhead Deployment

An inventive means to needed pole replacement

Click here to view video of our Rapid Overhead Deployment Trailer

Click here to view Rapid Overhead Deployment Trailer Illustrations

Specific issues addressed are:

  • Significant Reduction of (CAIDI) Customer Average Interruption Duration Index
  • Smaller Crew Size Required for Initial Restore Operation
  • Faster Pole vs. Vehicle Clean Up Time = Open Roadways
  • Less Costly Equipment Required for RIP (Replace In Place) Poles.
  • Traditional Multi-Step Pole Replacement Process Involving Utility Location Services, Site Prep, Material Gathering, Crew Assembly, etc. can now be Scheduled vs. Emergency Crew Deployment / Increased Downtime


Demo Equipment