DC SmartPower Box

Secured in a Stainless-Steel Box

  • Non-rusting w/ rubber pass through grommets
  • Integral solar panel mounting
  • Gas shocks for reliable control during access
  • Stainless steel hinges, latch, and fasteners

Power Source with real capability

  • Best in class technology w/ heavy duty motors and starters
  • Built in pressure relief protects equipment and personnel
  • Durable, non-rusting poly tanks provide quick oil level and quality observation
  • Aluminum manifolds provide precision control and weather resistance
  • Tethered remotes keep users safe and effective by allowing them to operate the trailer from an optimal position

Powerful 10W Solar Panel

  • Helps maintain a healthy battery during periods of low use
  • IP65 Rated (IP65=totally dust tight & protection against direct high-pressure water jet) junction box connecting panel to charge controller
  • High module conversion efficiency
  • Bypass diode minimizes power drop caused by shade and ensures excellent performance in low-light environments

Easy to understand 20A Charge Controller

  • Sits between the solar panel and the battery, controlling the charging cycle and protecting the entire system
  • Smart 4-Stage PWM charging: bulk, absorption, float, and equalization
  • Included probe provides optimal charging across wide temperature ranges
  • Watertight w/ backlit LCD display
  • Provides important operation and troubleshooting information:
    • Solar panel voltage & current
    • Ambient temperature
    • Battery voltage, the single key indicator of battery capacity
    • Total power generation since last reset
    • Carefree 10A Fully Automatic 120VAC battery


  • Can be plugged in to any 120VAC outlet for an indefinite period
  • Fast charging, current limited and reverse polarity protected
  • Slow turn on with as little as 2 volts in the battery
  • Takes the battery through charging stages
  • Tough die cast enclosure w/ transformer-based design ensures long life
  • Vibration resistant and no delicate electronics
  • IP65 Rated

Built for a 925 CCA AGM Sealed Deep Cycle Battery

  • Pure, non-alloy lead provides 2X the service life of an alloy AGM battery and 3X the life of a flooded (wet cell) battery
  • Vibration and low temperature resistant with slow self-discharge; further protected by our solar panel & controller Charges 5X faster than a flooded battery with the ability to fully deep cycle
  • Maintenance free; never add water
  • Poly box for added protection for mechanics and tools