Pole Muzzle

Our galvanized pole muzzles provide a convenient method for connecting the lead pole to the towing vehicle. This unit includes safety chains and two methods for securing it to your wooden poles.  Self-locking, worm drive winches with heavy duty 4″ straps are provided along with holes to allow attachment using customer provided crossarm bolts.  Several styles are available.


  • Provides firm hold for utility poles
  • Includes safety chain for breakaway protection
  • Hot-dip galvanized finish survives real world field conditions
  • Best in class winch technology

Application Information

Model NumberDescription
8825-AStandard Pole Muzzle
Over slung mount
Bolt holes provide alternative attachment method
Ratchet Binders with 3"Wx53"L 5000# WLL straps
Bolt-on 3" I.D. Pintle Eye
3/8" Safety chains w/ hooks
18,750 lbs GVWR / 1825 lbs Tongue weight
Galvanized finish - 138 lbs
Lifting Hook for use with mechanized equipment
8825-NGStealth Pole Muzzle
Designed for under or over slung mount
Carrying handles included
Bolt holes provide attachment method
3" I.D. Pintle eye welded to assembly
3/8" Safety chains w/ hooks
12,500 lbs GVWR / 1050 lbs Tongue weight
Galvanized finish - 62 lbs