Winch Binder

We utilize a 5500# capacity, self-locking worm gear drive winch is safer, easier to use and longer lasting than ratchet type binders. With thousands of installations in the field, they are tested and preferred by users across the U.S. and Canada. Our galvanized crank handle makes the operation smooth and simple, eliminating the traditional pitfalls of a breaker bar. The 4″W nylon straps are color coded as to length for easy identification and replacement when necessary. Right-sized straps also eliminate excessive remainder strap after securement. Heavy duty hooks are installed opposite binders to secure the strap D-ring.


  • No ratchet teeth to catch fingers
  • No awkward positions that cause back strain
  • No breaker bar being effected by inclement weather making it slippery when wet or iced over


  • 2:11 gear reduction makes getting to the proper tension a snap
  • No guessing if you’ve achieved proper tension (getting to the next tooth engagement)

Longer Lasting

  • Frame is Dacromet coated
  • Shaft is solid stainless steel
  • Crank is hot-dipped galvanized
  • Greased, serviceable drive mechanism
  • Nylon bearings

Winch Binder Care & Use

Available Parts:

  • 19415   C-Channel Winch Drilled
  • 18233  Double-L Winch
  • 16675  Crank Handle
  • 10868 4″x20’L Binder Strap w/ 1026 D-Ring – Gray
  • 21756 4″Wx16’L Binder Strap w/ 1026 D-Ring – Blue
  • 21757 4″Wx12’L Binder Strap w/ 1026 D-Ring – Yellow
  • 14037  4″Wx30’L Binder Strap w/1021 Flat Hook