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Born in a converted dairy barn, Sauber Manufacturing Company has grown into a leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of products for utilities and the contractors that serve them.

Since 1968 we have been serving our customers with equipment that withstands the harshest conditions. Our products are engineered to fit our customers specific needs. We use a practical approach to problem solving and design execution. We look at how to make the job you need done simpler and safer, then we execute the design with good old-fashioned workmanship and care. Fundamentals taught us by our founder, Chuck Sauber.

Sauber Mfg. Co.
10 North Sauber Road
Virgil, IL 60151-1000

Phone: (630) 365-6600

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Mike Blaser

Marketing Manager

(630) 492-5004

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Dan Klein

Account Rep

(630) 492-5007

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Justin Farr

Account Rep - Illinois A-H - Indiana - Wisconsin

(630) 492-5008

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Chuck Herrmann

Account Rep - Illinois I-Z

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Engineering & Production Support
Kevin SchwartzkopfPlant ManagerKevinSchwartzkopf@SauberMfg.com
Josh MinnihanEngineering ManagerJoshMinnihan@SauberMfg.com
Julio OrtegaMechanical EngineerJulioOrtega@SauberMfg.com
Todd FreibergDesigner/DrafterToddFreiberg@SauberMfg.com
Nick HughesDesigner/DrafterNickHughes@SauberMfg.com
Jon RichardsDesigner / DrafterJonRichards@SauberMfg.com
Zachary ZielinskiDesigner / DrafterZacharyZielinski@SauberMfg.com
Chuck BergsmithEPS TechnicianChuckBergsmith@SauberMfg.com
Mary RobinsonMaterials AnalystMaryRobinson@SauberMfg.com
Mike HeyobTeam Leader - Cut / WeldMikeHeyob@SauberMfg.com
Mitch VanvlerahProject Leader - Cut / WeldMitchVanvlerah@SauberMfg.com
Robbie RenteriaTeam Leader - Assembly / ServiceRobbieRenteria@SauberMfg.com
George DelaskProject Leader - Assembly / ServiceGeorgeDelask@SauberMfg.com
Kevin MeischProject Leader - Assembly / ServiceKevinMeisch@SauberMfg.com
Greg StocklTeam Leader - FulfillmentGregStockl@SauberMfg.com
Eddy QuinteroProject Leader - Eagle ShiftEddyQuintero@SauberMfg.com
Ted SmithProject Leader - FinishTedSmith@SauberMfg.com
Jim SauberPresidentJimSauber@SauberMfg.com
John SauberVice PresidentJohnSauber@SauberMfg.com
AJ HoferManager, Human Resourcesajhofer@SauberMfg.com
Pam StallingsAdministrative / AccountingBrendaKohorst@SauberMfg.com
Melissa ShereAdministrative / AccountingMelissaShere@SauberMfg.com

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