Model 1566 Self-Loading Trailer

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Capacity8100 lbs
Reel Size108"Dia x 60"W
52"Dia Minimum
Dimensions13'L x 102"W
Axle10000 lbs stub
Brakes12.25" x 4", self-adjusting
Suspension(2) 7000 lbs Springs
Supporting Reel Bar
GVWR11350 lbs
Tires(2) 235/75R17.5 LR H
Rims(2) 6.75 x 17.5 Disc


4″ x 6″ Tubing frame and cross stringers w/ longitudinal reinforcement tongue area. 1/8″ Smooth steel sides.


Dual cylinders provide power up and controlled drift down using dual hand pumps with aluminum reservoirs. 7-Position Bronze receiver brackets each side are independently controlled to level reel on uneven terrain. Reel is fully supported in travel position via handle activated support cam located at each side of the trailer. Reel bar retainer included w/ quick pin retainer.


(2) adjustable almag telescoping outriggers with cast-bronze bolt-on housing.


10-gauge smooth steel with 1″ lip return and mud flaps. Heavy duty #4 expanded metal catwalks at front and rear undercarriage.


Bolts under ½”: Stainless steel; ½” and Above: Zinc-plated Grade 8; lock nuts used exclusively.

Front Jack (Model# 17754)

17754 EZ-Up side-winding w/ 10,000# static capacity jack w/ heavy duty AL-Bronze travel swivel. 8”x2” Caster w/ mold-on polyurethane tread mechanically bonded to an aluminum core – 28″ travel, 1650 lbs cap.

Galvanized Pintle Eye and Hitch Extension

A galvanized 3” I.D., 60,000 lbs-capacity pintle eye is attached to our 11″ reversible hitch extension, which is adjustable to 6 different positions to properly match your towing vehicles. Our industry-leading hitch extension is made from hot-dipped galvanized cast-steel. Both the pintle eye and hitch extension are installed with grade-8 fasteners.

3/8” Safety Chain

Zinc-plated, grade-70 3/8” chain rated at 26,400 lbs breaking strength extends 23” beyond pintle eye. Zinc-plated, grade-70 clevis hook with safety latch rated at 26,400 lbs breaking strength. Assembly connected via 3”x3”x3/8” wall tubing continuously welded to trailer frame with inverted crucifix and 3/4”-10 grade-8 fastener with SAE high-strength washer and lock nut securing chain in crucifix.

Reel Bar

2.5″ Dia stress-proof bar w/ AL-Bronze butt type positioning collars. (2) Bronze # 1602-31B tapered sleeves provide for concentric rotation with varying reel arbor hole sizes. Entire reel bar hot-dipped galvanized.

LED Lighting & Electrical

LED sealed beam wiring system with stop / turn/ tail lights recessed in a structural tubing bumper to meet FMVSS 108 ensure long life of these signaling lights.  Automotive-grade wiring harness features SAE bullet-style connectors at each light, ensure easy replaceability of individual lights.  SAE 7-way socket protected top sides and back with almag housing.  Sealed breakaway with charging circuit and LED battery condition indicator with 450 C.C.A. maintenance-free battery.  Recessed ABS license plate housing with integrated lamp provide very high protection of both the license plate and its illumination.

Wheel Nut Indicators

Our wheel nuts are torqued to manufacturer specifications, and are then fitted with high-visibility wheel nut indicators. The indicators are fitted in a uniform pattern, so when a wheel nut has loosened, the indicator will become out of sequence. The wheel nut indicators are also heat sensitive. If there is a binding brake or seized bearing, the heat is transferred through the stud and nut. If this temperature exceeds 120º C (248º F), the indicator will start to blister around the circumference and eventually start to distort. Pre-flight walkaround checks now can include wheel nut checks.

Solar Power

We include our Model 8854 Solar System with a single solar panel with 4.3W of charging as standard equipment on all trailers we manufacture that utilize electric brakes or are equipped with an electric start Hydraulic Power Source. We have made this improvement to reduce customer maintenance costs, increase “up time” in field operations and provide the highest assurance to your users and community that the system will work as designed in the event the of a breakaway.


High-impact resistant Xenoy construction provides protection from UV and weather-related degradation. Includes gasket, water shield & poly bag.


(2) Galvanized All Weather # 8500 w/ gripstrut design and bolt-on, cast chock-holders.


Unit striped with 2″ alternating red and white reflective sheeting to meet DOT-C2-2″ requirements.

Galvanized Finish

Hot-dip galvanize entire trailer including galvanized wheel rims. Undercarriage and all non-galvanized attachments grit blasted, primed and painted before assembly on trailer and installed w/ serviceable fasteners only. 10-year galvanized finish warranty.


Sauber Manufacturing leads the field with a 10-year, comprehensive, trailer and truck platform warranty. This warranty comes at no charge to our customers and we have the financial strength and integrity to back it up. Our warranty is an extension of who we are and demonstrates the quality of our builds.
  • 10-Year Structural, parts & labor on all Sauber manufactured components
  • 10-Year Galvanized finish warranty
  • 3-Year Total parts & labor coverage
  • All warranty support provided directly from Sauber Mfg. Co.
  • Customer labor reimbursement @ $80/hour


Solid model engineering drawings submitted with bid must include trailer detail and will be approved prior to production. Bids submitted without solid model drawings cannot be evaluated. 

Productivity Options

Rim Drive Retreiver

Requires overspin brake foundation and includes full feathering, bi-directional valve for connection to external hydraulic power. 27 RPM @ 8 GPM Drive tire speed – final reel speed depends on reel size and can be approximated by the formula: 486/Reel Diameter.

Reel Diameter Upgrade

Upgrades maximum diameter reel to 120″. Minimum reel size is 64″ diameter and trailer is lengthened 6″.