Model 1572 Rapid Overhead Deployment Trailer

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  • Can be towed by a 1 ton pickup.
  • Can be charged exclusively from line power, on-board provided generator or a combination of the two.
  • Significant reduction of (CAIDI) Customer Average Interruption Duration Index.
  • Smaller crew size for initial restore operation while finishing permanent repairs on the next available shift rather than calling crews out after hours to work on replacing a broken pole in the dark, inclimate weather, or in areas of high traffic in order to restore all customers impacted.
  • Eliminates wait times required for multi-step pole replacement involving utility location services, site prep & material gathering.
  • Permanent replacement can be accomplished during regular time windows with less stress on the utility, its people, equipment and other resources.
  • Has the unique potential to protect physical property, livestock and people by minimizing outage durations.
  • Faster pole vs. vehicle cleanup time = open roadways.
  • With multiple staged units, crews will have the tools to reduce outage durations across the system as well as improve efficiency during routine maintenance.
  • Storm response teams will have the ability to deploy where pole damage is most significant.
  • Lowers costs for RIP (Replace In Place) jobs.
  • Reduce outage duration and improve customer satisfaction through continued low electric delivery rates by reducing operating costs.
  • Can be used at intersection crossings to support new or replacement conductor installation.
  • Allows temporary bypass for electrical equipment replacement or inspection at substations.
  • Fractional investment compared to a line truck with much lower maintenance and licensing costs with a vastly greater economical service life.
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  • Wireless and ground controls both provide full feathering on all functions allowing the operator maximum visibility during deployment and fold for travel operations while providing for backup/manual operation at the valve bank.
  • Wireless controls require simple dual switch movement for all functions to prevent unintentional actuation.
  • 24VDC Power unit provides 2500 PSI @ 3 GPM; (4) 660 CCA deep cycle batteries w/ fully automatic battery charger w/ percent charged & volt indicators.
  • Generac iQ2000 1600W inverter generator w/ 3 power delivery speeds; LED dashboard w/ fuel level, remaining run time; output indicator; 9.4 hours runtime @ 1/4 load.
  • Fully charged, new battery pack provides 5 full deployments from setup to fully folded/travel ready @ 60° ambient.
  • Lockable, vented stainless steel generator cabinet.
  • 2.5 Gallon safety gas can w/ lockable stainless steel box.
  • Battery pack can be charged from shore power or onboard generator as needed.
  • (4) Telescoping hydraulic outriggers w/ counterbalance valves.
  • (4) Almag flat and (2) tapered outrigger pads provided w/ storage provision.
  • (3) Hydraulically actuated boom cylinders w/ counterbalance valves.
  • 18’L x 10″Dia third stage fiberglass pultrusion boom w/ continuous rotation for clocking crossarm positioning relative to wire path.
  • Self-locking worm drive turntable bearing w/ hydraulic motor at base of third stage boom.
  • 24′-40′ Vertical boom height.
  • Designed and tested to 21,778 ft-lb moment load.
  • Intelligent 12VDC warning light system utilize existing FMVSS tail and marker light circuit.
  • 10′ Crossarm open basket w/ drop down door – LS load area.
  • 4′ Support arm basket – RS load area.
  • Lockable stainless steel tool box – front tongue.
  • Lockable stainless steel, dual compartment tool box houses battery system, valve bank & control panel – RS front of fender.
  • Lockable stainless steel tool boxes w/ gas shocks & rubber lined bottoms – LS & RS fenders. LS Box equipped w/ urethane insulator compartments to protect insulators during travel and storage – (3) 13″L x 6.75″W x 3.35″D & (8) 5.75″L x 5.75″W x 3.5″D.
  • Galvanized cone holder.
  • Stainless steel pivot pins and Oillite bushings provided at all pivot points; no greasing required.
  • 4″x8″ Bent tubing frame w/ bolt on 3/16″ smooth galvanized floor and 8″ rear bumper tube.
  • (2) 5/8″ x 5″ Aluminum bronze grounding lugs; (1) right rear frame; (1) 3rd stage boom base.
  • Electric brakes and sealed breakaway w/ visual check indicator light.
  • (2) 7K Dual Torflex galvanized undercarriage.
  • LED FMVSS Plug-N-Play trailer lighting w/ sealed harness system and 7-way socket w/ Almag socket housing protection.
  • 52″L Non-metallic 7-way SAE cord.
  • (2) Xenoy weatherproof containers; (1) inside lockable valve compartment for tool box keys and spare remote batteries; (1) provided for registration storage.
  • Zinc plated, grade-70 3/8” chain rated at 26,400 lbs breaking strength extending 23” beyond pintle eye. Zinc plated, grade-70 clevis hook w/ safety latch rated at 26,400 lbs breaking strength. Assembly connected via 3”x3”x3/8” wall tubing continuously welded to trailer frame w/ inverted crucifix and 3/4”-10 grade-8 fastener w/ SAE high strength washer and lock nut securing chain in crucifix.
  • 3” I.D. – 60,000 lbs capacity pintle eye w/ 11 heat treated, cast steel adjustable and reversible extension. Hitch and extension hot-dipped galvanized and installed w/ grade-8 fasteners & lock nuts.
  • 3″ Drawbar lock ring w/ (2) keys.
  • 17201 Spring loaded drop-leg jack – center mounted.
  • (4) Galvanized All Weather 8500 Wheel Chocks w/ gripstrut design and 8505 Almag chock holder
  • 12-Gauge Fenders with 1 lip return and mud flaps.
  • Fasteners: Bolts under ½”: Stainless steel; ½” and Above: Zinc-plated Grade 8; lock nuts used exclusively.
  • Hot-Dip galvanized finish w/ galvanized wheels; accessories gray.
  • Wheel nut indicators.
  • 10-year structural, parts & labor on all Sauber-manufactured components. 3-year total parts & labor coverage.

Dimensions280.5"L x96"W
Axle 7,000 lbs Torflex
Brakes12" x 2", High Performance Electric Brakes
Suspension7000 lbs Dual Torflex
GVWR16450 lbs
Tires235/80R 16, LRE
Rims8 on 6.5" Hub