Model 1572-V3 Rapid Overhead Deployment Trailer

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  • Can be towed by a 1 ton pickup.
  • Significant reduction of (CAIDI) Customer Average Interruption Duration Index.
  • Smaller crew size for initial restore operation while finishing permanent repairs on the next available shift rather than calling crews out after hours to work on replacing a broken pole in the dark, inclement weather, or in areas of high traffic in order to restore all customers impacted.
  • Eliminates wait times required for multi-step pole replacement involving utility location services, site prep & material gathering.
  • Permanent replacement can be accomplished during regular time windows with less stress on the utility, its people, equipment and other resources.
  • Has the unique potential to protect physical property, livestock and people by minimizing outage durations.
  • Faster path to open roadways.
  • With multiple staged units, crews will have the tools to reduce outage durations across the system as well as improve efficiency during routine maintenance.
  • Storm response teams will have the ability to deploy where pole damage is most significant.
  • Lowers costs for RIP (Replace In Place) jobs.
  • Reduce outage duration and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Can be used at intersection crossings to support new or replacement conductor installation.
  • Allows temporary bypass for electrical equipment replacement or inspection at substations.
  • Fractional investment compared to a line truck with much lower maintenance and licensing costs with a vastly greater economical service life.
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  • View 1572-V3 Drawing S5125SAL
  • Designed & Tested to 21,778 ft-lb Moment Load
  • 10′ Crossarm Open Basket w/ Drop Down Door LS Load Area
  • 4′ Support Arm Basket RS Load Area
  • Wireless & Backup/Manual Ground Controls – Both Full Feathering
  • Wireless Controls Require Dual Switch Actuation
  • 1010-MID Power Source Provides 3000 PSI @ 4 GPM
    Simple Pull Start w/ Throttle/Choke & ON/OFF
    Switch Engine Mounted; Oil Alert; 17A Charging
    5.6 Qt Fuel Tank; Oil Drain Hose; 8-Gallon
    Aluminum Hydraulic Tank w/ Sight/Temp Gauge
    And Integral In-Line Filter
  • 1000# Vertical Lifting Capacity
  • 925 CCA Deep Cycle AGM Battery Powers Flashers & Electric Brake Breakaway System
    12VDC Warning Light System Utilizes Existing FMVSS Tail & Marker Light
    Battery Charging Provided by 80W Monocrystalline Solar Panel w/
    20A Waterproof Solar PWM Charge Controller w/ 5-Stage Charging, Battery Voltage & Solar Panel Power Output
    Battery Temp Sensor
  • All Boom & Outrigger Cylinders Equipped w/ Counterbalance Valves
  • Stainless Steel Pivot Pins & Oillite Bushings Provided At All Pivot Points; No Greasing
  • (4) Hydraulic Outriggers w/ Mechanical Lockout
  • (3) Articulating Booms Provide 24′-40″ Vertical Boom Height
  • 3rd Stage 18’L x 10″Dia Fiberglass Pultrusion Boom
  • Self-Locking Worm Drive Turntable Bearing w/ Hydraulic Drive at 3rd Stage Boom – Clocking
  • Stainless Steel Dual Compartment Tool Box Houses Battery System, Valve Bank & Control Panel w/ Storage Below
  • Stainless Steel Tool Boxes Over LS/RS Fender w/ Gas Shocks & Rubber Lined Bottoms
  • Urethane Insulator/Hardware Containers In Compartment:
    (3) 13″L x 6.75″W x 3.5″D
    (8) 5.75″L x 5.75″W x 3.5″D
  • Galvanized Cone Holder
  • (4) 1818 Almag Outrigger Pads – 18″x18″
  • (2) 1919 Almag Outrigger Pads – 19″x19″ – 9° Taper
  • (2) 7,000# Galvanized Torflex Axles
  • (4) 235/80R16(E) Tires w/ (4) 6.00 x 16.0 Wheels
  • 12″ x 2″ Electric High Performance Brakes
  • GVWR 16450 Lbs; CC 6500 Lbs
  • 4″x8″x1/4″ Bent Tubing Frame
  • Bolt on 3/16″ Smooth Steel Floor w/ 8″ Rear Bumper Tube
  • Rear Danger Stencil
  • 12 Gauge Galvanized Fenders w/ Plain Flaps
  • 24’L x 96″W x 11’2″H Overall
  • 3/8″-Grade 70 Safety Chain w/ 3/8″ Grade 70 Slip Hooks & Safety Clasps
  • Sealed Beam/Sealed Wiring Harness w/ Dual S/T/T Lights Recessed in Rear Tube; Plug-N-Play Sealed Harness System
  • Conspicuity Reflective Tape Package
  • (2) Xenoy Weatherproof Containers; (1) Inside Lockable Valve Compartment; (1) Provided For Registration Storage
  • (2) 5/8″ x 5″ Aluminum Bronze Grounding Lugs; (1) Right Rear Frame; (1) 3rd Stage Boom Base
  • 17201 Spring Loaded Drop-Leg Jack
  • 3″ID 60,000# Pintle Eye w/ 11″ Cast Steel Hitch Extension
  • 3″ Drawbar Lock Ring w/ (2) Keys
  • SAE 7-Way Socket w/ Almag Protective Housing
  • 52″L Non-metallic 7-way SAE Cord
  • (4) 8500 All Weather Wheel Chocks w/ Almag Holders
  • Hot-Dip Galvanized Finish w/ Galvanized Wheels; Accessories Gray
  • Wheel Nut Indicators
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners Below 1/2″; Grade-8 Fasteners Above 1/2″
  • 10-Year Structural, Parts & Labor On All Sauber Manufactured Components; 3-Year Total Parts & Labor Coverage w/ Customer Labor Reimbursement
  • U.S. Patent 10,626,632