Combination Trailer

Model 1521-AP

Outfit your crews for the work with this pole, reel and cargo trailer optimized for tight spaces. With a deep-V pole carrier and removeable reel station, your crews can haul all the material to the site with one trailer. The pull through tongue offers the shortest possible retracted length to get in and out of tight spaces. Originally designed for remote right of way work, the Model 1521-PRC has features valued by many crews. Because it’s made by Sauber Mfg. Co., you get extreme reliability and ease of maintenance.

Capacity: 9000 lbs
Reel Size: 66"Dia x 52"W
Dimensions: 30'L x 96"W
Axle: 10000 lbs
Brakes: 12.25" x 4", Self Adjusting
Suspension: (2) 5000 lbs Springs
GVWR: 12500 lbs
Tires: (2) 235/75R17.5, LR H
Rims: (2) 6.75 x 17.5, Disc

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