Three Reel Stringing Trailer

Model 1532

This high capacity three reel trailer meets your larger reel sizes. Suitable for overhead construction work, you’ll benefit from options for easier reel payout, hydraulic reel control and enhanced onboard storage. Expect long life from your Sauber Mfg. Co. Trailer with features such as bent tube construction, galvanized finish and hidden automotive wiring harness.

Capacity: 28615 lbs
Reel Size: 78"Dia x 55"W
Dimensions: 25'L x 102"W
Cargo: 206" x 65"
Axle: (2) 15000 lbs
Brakes: 12.25" x 5", Self-adjusting
Suspension: (4) 7500 lbs Springs
GVWR: 35250 lbs
Tires: (4) 315/80R22.5, LR J
Rims: (4) 9.00 x 22.5, Disc

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