Four Reel Trailer

Model 1542

Your crews are more effective when completing three phase line construction when all the reels are on one trailer. With the ability to specify the trailer capacity before construction, you optimize size and cost. Optional components such as onboard hydraulic power with “ready to go” hydraulics or conductor guides are built to work well and last a long time, as you would expect from Sauber Mfg. Co.

Capacity: 26400 lbs
Reel Size: 72"Dia x 54"W
Dimensions: 28'L x 100"W
Cargo: 255"L x 62"W
Axle: (2) 15000 lbs
Brakes: 12.25" x 5", self-adjusting
Suspension: (4) 7500 lbs Springs
GVWR: 35250 lbs
Tires: (4) 315/80R22.5, LR J
Rims: (4) 9.00 x 22.5, Disc

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