Four-In-One Trailer

Model 1560

Prepare your crews for overhead construction with the many features of this trailer. It includes high carrying capacity, smooth distribution tension plus hydraulic retrieving, side pack toolbox storage with available custom storage features for line hardware, capstan and rope payout. All executed with standard features like tube construction, galvanized finish and stainless steel toolboxes so your trailer will handle the harsh utility construction for years to come.

Capacity: 7370 lbs
Reel Size: 72"Dia x 56"W
Dimensions: 16'L x 96"W
Cargo: 126" x 64"
Axle: 9000 lbs
Brakes: 12.25" x 3.375", Electric
Suspension: 9000 lbs Torflex
GVWR: 11250 lbs
Tires: 215/75R17.5, LR H
Rims: 6.75 x 17.5, Disc

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