X-Cable Substation Recovery Trailer

Model 1561

Bring certainty to your mobile substation operations with our dedicated connection cable trailer. The Model 1561 Substation Recovery Trailer includes selectable reel rotation, offers configurable storage and options for power, enclosures and support for other operations. Our solid model designs enable standardized components within a specialize specification. You’ll receive a trailer that works for your operational needs that lasts with features like non-rusting components, galvanized finish and a durable power drive system.

Capacity: 9250 lbs
Dimensions: 20'L x 96"W
Cargo: 171"L x 70"W
Axle: (2) 7000 lbs
Brakes: 12" x 2", High Performance
Suspension: (4) 3500 lbs Springs
GVWR: 16450 lbs
Tires: (4) 235/80R16, LR E
Rims: 6.00 x 16.0 Disc

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