Wire Service Trailer

Model 1599-WS

Configured specifically for underground fault response, our Model 1599-WS Wire Service trailer puts you in control of the outage situation. Your crews gain storage for the tools, components and wire required to connect power around the underground fault. Once the power is on, you gain the time needed to plan efficient repair of the underground lines. Our commitment to durability ensures this trailer will be ready to work at a moment’s notice.

Capacity: 5950 lbs
Reel Size: 54" OD x 36" ID, 6" & 27" Compartments
Dimensions: 18'L x 96"W
Cargo: 141" x 71"
Axle: 7000 lbs Torflex
Brakes: 12" x 2", High Performance
Suspension: (2) 3500 lbs Springs
GVWR: 8750 lbs
Tires: 235/80R16, LR E
Rims: 6.00 x 16.0, Disc

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