Tiltbed Trailer

Model 1580-TBB

This unique deck over tiltbed provides extra cargo and easy side access. With standout features such as galvanizing, stainless-steel pivot pins and a pivoting rear bumper, the standard specification has much to offer. Of course, we can design and build access and storage features to make your work more efficient. If you require both tiltbed convenience and large, easy access deck capacity, this trailer is a sure thing.

Capacity: 13275 lbs
Deck: 192"L x 98"W
Dimensions: 23'L x 102"W
Axle: (2) 8000 lbs
Brakes: 12.25" x 3.38", High Performance
Suspension: Torflex
GVWR: 18800 lbs
Tires: (4) 215/75R17.5, LR H
Rims: (4) 6.75 x 17.5, Disc

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