Emergency Assist Vehicles

Sauber is an alternative source for service, fire & rescue, and emergency vehicles.

We provide emergency vehicles that are custom in nature and often assist specialty vehicles such as traditional fire trucks and police cars.

There is no need to purchase assist vehicles from emergency vehicle manufacturers at higher rates. 

We offer you the ability to be an integral part of the design process right through to the production of your custom vehicle.


You need it, we can build it. The following pictures tell the story of the wide range of vehicles used to get the tools and manpower you need on the scene. A fire service truck body is a custom tailored utility body built resilient and durable to perform over years of use. Sauber Mfg Co has been designing, engineering and manufacturing utility bodies for over 40 years, right here in the Chicago land area.

Do you have under-utilized vehicles in your fleet right now? Think about enhancing their use by making them equipment haulers, people-movers, emergency response, chase vehicles, or a mobile command unit.

We build emergency service bodies that use non-rusting, lightweight materials such as aluminum that are designed to offer significant weight savings, but more importantly, to last and to literally out-live any chassis you put under it. We have customers on the road every day with service bodies they’ve re-mounted to new chassis multiple times.