Choosing a truck body manufacturer who can take your ideas and needs from a bare chassis to a highly productive, customized tool can be tricky. Some vendors may try and sell you what they have, rather than what you want. We will work from the ground up, listening and sharing the ideas that come from experience and other users.

Read through our offerings and familiarize yourself with the difference a Sauber design can make in your next production tool.


  • Full 1 3/8″ ship-lap angelim deck is virtually knot-free and is stronger than oak, with better dimensional stability.
  • Galvanized clips and stainless steel fasteners allow for easy removal, repair or replacement of the decking if necessary.
  • Channel construction structure for ultimate undercarriage strength.
  • Sealed beam and sealed wiring system.
  • Galvanized steel and stainless steel fasteners for ultimate protection against rust.
  • Components are bolted on, not welded, for easy removal, repair or replacement.
  • Bulkheads are integral to the platform fro greater strength.
  • Available hinge-down gates with positive mechanical latch.
  • 10-Year comprehensive warranty.

Productivity Options

  • Binding Equipment
  • Crane/lift installations
  • Fold-down gates/sides
  • Ladder and material racks
  • Aluminum tool box installations
  • Custom built tool drawers and cabinets
  • Integrated generators, compressors and welding equipment