Reel Loaders

  • Bronze saddles for a lifetime of service
  • Galvanized reel bar w/ bronze positioning collars
  • Dual cylinders w/ integral counterbalance valves
  • Stainless steel pivot pins with oillite bushings that never need grease
  • Galvanized finish and special sizes/capacity available on request



78″L x 60″W x 10″H


78″Dia x 44″W Reel, 6000 lb.


Base: 3″ x 5″ x .250″ tubing

Cross Braces: 4″ x 5.4 #/ft channel

Lifting Arms: 2″ x 6″ x .250″ tubing

Cross Tube: 4″ O.D. x 3.5″ I.D. pipe


Apitong wood deck to support reel during transport.

Grab Handles

(2) Plastic coated grab handles; (1) installed each arm of loader.

Reel Bar

2 1/2″ Galvanized reel bar w/ AL-Bronze positioning collars and MG-Bronze reel bar saddles w/ self-latching stainless steel retainer pin. (2) 1602-31A Centering sleeves included.


Below 1/2″- stainless, 1/2″ and above – Grade 5, hitch bolts – Grade 8.


Unit designed to operate @ 3-6 GPM; 2000 PSI. Customer to provide directional control valve w/ relief preset to 2000 PSI. Customer to supply hydraulic hoses from power supply to valve and from valve to reel loader hookup.


5.0″ Bore x 30″ Stroke x 2.5″ Rod w/ remote counterbalance valves and oil lite bushings.

Pivot Pins

Stainless steel pivot pins w/ oil lite bushings all bearing points.


Sandblasted, primed and painted w/ urethane top coat OEM Gray.


Three years complete parts coverage.

Productivity Options

Material Basket

42″L x 42″W x 12″H Expanded metal material basket w/ provision to be loaded and unloaded via the reel bar. (4) 8″ Pneumatic wheels installed at basket bottom – (2) swivel type; (2) fixed. Hot-dipped galvanized finish.

Reel Driver

1100 Ft-lbs torque @ 1500 PSI w/ 13 RPM @ 6 GPM. Customer to provide directional control valve w/ relief preset to 1500 PSI. Removable cast steel power arm and drive sprocket combination. Single lever, cam-type engagement provides wind-up or free-wheeling options. Removable saddle brackets provided to retain reel bar during pulling operations.


Specify single or 2-stack 4-way valve to run loader and/or driver. Valve will come with preset relief based on function.