Sign Trucks

These unique truck platforms look different, and that’s by design… multipurpose vehicles designed by your needs and how you want to use them.

By asking your end-users how they perform their job functions, combined with experience in what will make them safer and more efficient, we are able to develop a vehicle to the need, rather than make an operator conform to a standard designed work truck.

When it comes to sign trucks, we incorporate simple design features such as slots to hold your signs – allowing you to quickly see your sign inventory and to know that they are going to arrive on site scratch & dent free.  With a fold-out platform deployed, operators can quickly and safely reach street signs and street lights without depending on a ladder.  Intelligent use of space like a trap door below deck allows for sign post storage.

When these vehicles are not out doing sign duty, you’ll often see them in use loading & unloading street barricades, deploying flags and city banners, and delivering goods that any platform would be utilized for.

Sauber has been incorporating non-rusting materials and longevity into vehicles for over 50 years.  Many of our platforms and bodies outlast several chassis, and are remounted making the initial investment the wisest total cost of ownership for those who appreciate quality equipment.

Special Features:

  • Sign Post Storage
  • Sign Storage located in Stainless Steel Compartment w/ Roll up Door
  • Class 1 LED Strobes & Arrow Sticks
  • Shovel & Debris Storage
  • Tool Drawer Units for Tools & Fasteners
  • Stainless Steel Underbody Storage
  • Platform Deck Access Stairs
  • Fold Out Sign & Light Platforms
  • Ladder Storage
  • Optional Lift-Gate
  • Optional Post Puller
  • Optional Post Pounder
  • Optional Air Capabilities
  • Optional Hydraulic Capabilities
  • Optional Power Capabilities